Planmeca Viso Next Generation CBCT Unit - 3 Pages

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Planmeca Viso Next Generation CBCT Unit

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Planmeca Viso™ The next generation has arrived

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Exceptional quality to the finest detail Planmeca Viso™ is an ideal combination of premium image quality and high-end usability. It possesses all the qualities of a world class CBCT unit – and more. The unit is an impressive step forward in the evolution of cone beam imaging. Live virtual FOV positioning Intelligent patient support Patient positioning is done directly from the CBCT unit’s control panel utilising integrated cameras and a live patient view. Users can see the patient live from the control panel for flexible and exact FOV positioning. The volume size can also be adjusted freely...

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Patient positioning • Live virtual FOV positioning • Free volume size adjustment • Support for the top of the head • Occipital support • Planmeca Lumo™ stool with locking wheels for imaging patients • Planmeca PlanID™ for user and patient identification Technical specifications Features 2D Dental programs • Panoramic program • Panoramic bitewings • TMJ lateral and PA • 2D views • Planmeca ProCeph™ cephalostat 3D Dental programs • Tooth • Teeth • Jaw • Face • Skull Anode voltage Anode current Focal spot size Image acquisition angle Sensor size Volume sizes Voxel sizes 3D ENT programs •...

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