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Which Prestan Manikin is Right for Me? ® In the market for a new CPR Training Manikin? Which one best suits your needs? For most CPR/AED training classes the obvious choice is Prestan's Professional series. Our leading-edge CPR/AED manikin with instant feedback for depth and rate of compressions is the most widely used CPR/AED manikin available on the market. Prestan Professional Series Manikins However, there may be unique times when you need manikins that: •• can be stored in a smaller space •• are lighter to carry up several flights of stairs of over long distances •• set up quickly for teaching a large number of people at once •• need shipped somewhere •• are taken on a plane, train or in a car •• are less expensive Then the obvious choice is Prestan's Ultralite® 4-pack of manikins. All of Prestan's products carry a 3-year warranty and are manufactured to the high quality level that you have come to expect from Prestan. Copyright 2015 Prestan Products, LLC. Prestan Ultralite Manikin 4-Pack NATURAL RUBBER LATEX

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