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ACSIA Line - 2

Designer, Manufacturer of Innovative Robotics and Biology Application Specialist The ACSIA Line from PrimaDiag, is the innovative automation solution bringing quality, cost efficiency and simplicity to all the genomics (specifically NGS) and proteomics laboratories.

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ACSIA Line - 3

Established in Biocitech, park dedicated to Science and Medical Biotechnology, PRIMADIAG is an innovative French company developing simple and powerful robotic platforms for rapid automation of a wide variety of protocols in the areas of biology, molecular biology and particularly NGS. With the aim of increasing productivity, avoiding contamination and improving work-flow efficiency, PRIMADIAG ACSIA line offers a new concept of robots simple, modular and affordable. This system relies on a set of robotic plateforms and accessories that can be combined to support biological protocols. Robust...

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ACSIA Line - 4

The ACSIA product line is designed as the best value for money to perform a wide variety of liquid handling protocols with the lowest effort from the end user. It offers a mastered cost for a fast return on investment. All our products are designed and assembled in France in line with PRIMADIAG's values: owerful The highest quality for all protocols eliable French quality design and an expert team at your service nnovative Another way of thinking automation odular The flexibility for all needs ffordable The right price for the highest quality

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ACSIA Line - 5

ACSIA Linel "ACSIA Line combines efficiency and profitability" p.6 The most innovative software for your automated pipetting platform Various modules and accessories to automate more complex protocols "Get THE ACSIA for your application"! The compact automated pipetting platform for your PCR/qPCR setup ACSIA CleanUp Edition p.20| The patented magnetic beads technology for the most efficient purification The best solution to automate your libraries preparation and enrichment ACSIA Custom Edition! Specify your own ACSIA for your specific need

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ACSIA Line - 6

ACSIA line relies on a set of robotic platforms and accessories that can be combined to support biological protocols. Robust and reliable, it is managed by a powerful and user friendly software, PrimaController® II. ACSIA has been thought and designed with the aim to fulfil the following goals: Accurate Compact Strong Innovative Affordable « High precision for all protocols » « Deck and size optimized for a best comfort of work » « Robust unit combining quality and reliability » « Another way to think automation » « The right price for the highest quality »

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ACSIA Line - 7

Ei PRIM AD I AG The easiest way to automation ACSIA line is connected by an USB port to a computer (provided by the company) and managed by PrimaController®II software. It comes in two sizes ACSIA and ACSIA XS which fit with benches. ACSIA_ ACSIA is the largest of our platforms. With 16 SBS positions, it allows to perform complex protocols by adding numerous modules to its workspace like shakers, thermoregulated modules or magnetic work units. It also can integrate one or two pipetting heads provided with 1 or 8 channels for a better flexibility. Dimensions Lxlxh (cm) Without hood 100x65x72...

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ACSIA Line - 8

The most innovative software for automated pipetting platform PrimaController®II is the cutting edge easiest way to automate protocols. This software is the result of many years of R&D and is designed to facilitate access to automation to everyone. PrimaController®II is the brain's platform. Realistic and interactive view Do not get confused over choosing consumables anymore. PrimaController®II displays a realistic and interactive view of the workspace where every disposable is virtually shaped very close to reality. Moreover it is possible to drag and drop disposables as easily as on a...

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ACSIA Line - 9

Samples and liquid tracking Follow the tracking ID of any sample and check the composition of each well using a graphical pie chart display. Sample IDs can be imported and exported easily or inputted with a bar code reader. Smart Management of Tips (SMT) PrimaController®II and its innovative SMT technology perform the smartest tip re-use avoiding cross-contamination during processes. It ensures lower process costs by reducing the number of tips used during manipulations. Request Value How many samples do you want to purify? What is your reaction volume? 10 TWO ways with ONE software...

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ACSIA Line - 10

Protective enclosure PrimaDiag has designed protective enclosures for the ACSIA products line . They can include ventilation with an HEPA filter to protect samples from contaminations during runs and/or a UV radiation device to decontaminate the workspace between two runs. PrimaDiag enclosures exist in two sizes one for ACSIA and one for ACSIA XS platforms. They can be customized by adding a ventilated device, a UV radiation device or the combination of the both options. Ventilated device with HEPA filter > On/Off button > H14 Absolute filter (efficiency 99.999%) > Door opening detection UV...

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ACSIA Line - 11

This innovative module replaces common gripping systems thanks to its patented technology APIM (Attraction Point by Induced Magnetization). Moreover it is provided with a retaining flange allowing to use directly microplates even if they have been twisted by the heat of the thermal cycler. The magnetic work unit brings more simplicity while improving efficiency: > Switch On and Off the attraction of the magnetic beads without moving the PCR microplate. Errors during manipulations of microplate are eliminated. > More cost effective than the "passive plate with classic magnets and gripper"...

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ACSIA Line - 12

Ei PRIM AD I AG The easiest way to automation Heating and shaking modules (for enzymatic reactions) PrimaDiag proposes modules ensuring a precise control of temperatures and a mastered orbital or linear agitation, guaranteeing the quality of samples and the collect of significant data at the end of experiments. All the modules are supplied with recommendations for speed of agitation Thermoregulated modules > From 4 to 110°C > Microplates, deepwells or tube adaptors. > Microplates, deepwells or tube adaptors. HEATING AND SHAKING MODULES Type Designation Heating Cooling Shaking Note...

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