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Automated Homogenizers from PRO Scientific Dual Homogenizing System • Automated homogenizing of multiple samples • Includes Mechanical & Ultrasonic (Sonicator) homogenizers • Use each homogenizing method dependently or independently •Two-Step Homogenization can be achieved - Breakdown solid sample - Mechanical - Reach sub-micron level - Ultrasonic • Provides fast, efficient, and consistent homogenizing • Quiet, compact, sound-abating enclosure with LED lighting • Programmable or manual mode, save up to 10 programs • Optional probe rinses to avoid cross-contamination • Carousel Tube Rack, keep tubes in ice, water, or cold bead • Accommodate standard tube sizes, 1.5ml-50ml • Custom Systems & Probes available upon request Speed Control: Power Rating: Volume Processing Range: Noise rating: Mechanical 150 Watts / Ultrasonic 130 Watts Manual Mode Program Mode: 10 Complete running programs DON'T SEE YOUR TUBE LISTED? ... DON'T WORRY! Custom carousel packages are available for a variety of tubes including Cryo Tubes, 5ml Micro Tubes and many more! All items are available individually for a build-your-own package. Please contact our sales team to further discuss your specific needs. Two-Step homogenizing made simple with one automated system. Cooling Carousel Racks protect and keep your samples cool during sales @ proscientific.com

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Automated Homogenizers from PRO Scientific Dual Homogenizing System The DPS-20 Dual Homogenizing System simplifies sample preparation with its Two Step Homogenizing - by combining mechanical and ultrasonic (sonicator) homogenizing into an automated, closed compact and timesaving unit. For the first time ever in one homogenizing system, large samples can be easily broken down to a submicron level with one product. This leads to a faster and more efficient sample breakdown with minimal or no heat introduced, and more precise particle size Sample Protection During homogenization with the...

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