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EBA 200 TABLETOP CENTRIFUGE PRESS ‘START’ IN CASE OF EMERGENCY Compact clinical tabletop centrifuge High-performance, built-in, 8-place rotor with compact frame and all-metal containment for added safety. Ideal for blood, urine and pediatric tubes. STAT, PPP & Coagulation Obtain consistent platelet counts less than 10,000 platelets/μL in 3 minutes or less (model EBA 200S) Run-Silent™ Operation Excessive noise in the laboratory can lead to distractions, stress, anxiety, high blood pressure and chronic fatigue. Our centrifuges are as quiet as a normal conversation and will not increase the noise levels within your lab. Easy-Lift™ Our Easy-Lift Lid, featuring stay-in-place positioning and lid drop protection, is ergonomically designed to limit repetitive stress injuries, spillage and accidental sample disruption when loading and unloading your centrifuge. Safety-Lock™ Our Safety-Lock Lids are self-closing, auto-locking and come with either single and dual steel lid locks. This ensures a safe, tight closure of the centrifuge chamber during operation. The centrifuge will not operate if lid is not secure. For added safety, our centrifuges feature all-metal containment and adhere to all national and international safety standards and certifications. Five (5) Year Warranty FDA registered centrifuge manufacturer

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APPLICATION PACKAGES All Hettich centrifuge packages come complete with everything you need to perform your application – centrifuge, rotor, buckets, adapters, inserts, bio-containment lids (optional where applicable), five (5) year warranty and free support. EBA 200 BLOOD TUBE PACKAGE - 8 EBA 200 PEDIATRIC TUBE PACKAGE - 8 Tube Qty EBA 200 URINALYSIS PACKAGE - 4 Tube Qty EBA 200 CUSTOM PACKAGE Tube Qty Additional packages and configurations are available for this device, please inquire. We offer a complete centrifuge product range from small microliter centrifuges, compact tabletop...

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