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99 Wfflenbrock Road, Oxford, Connecticut 06478, USA Customized high-speed homogenizer used near line ensures consistently blended samples tor chemical and physical analyses. Customized high-speed homogenizer used near line ensures consistently blended samples for chemical and physical analyses. The American Home Foods' plani in Milton, PA, processes and packages CHEF BOYARDF.E canned pasta. Franklin Crunch N'Munch coaled popcorn snacks, and Gulden's mustard. Staffed with approximately 2,000 prod uetion/sup port personnel, including central R&D labs, the plant is the llagship facility of American I lomc Foods, a subsidiary of American I ionic Products Corp. The processor has been working with development of a customized high- speed blending homogenizing system for its canned pastas. After homogenizing pasta samples in-can to a pureed slate, analytical staff proceed to test the product for protein, vitamin, carbohydrate, moisture, fat and sodium content. This data is then directly and easily transferred to the company's quality control operations. New Products Development Leader Jed J. Levinson told Food Quality, "The need for rapidly prepared, consistent, representative blended samples for everyday necessity. To meet that need, PRO Scientific brought prototype units to our labs on two separate occasions. The first trial was performed in the labs under very controlled conditions. During the second trial, the unit was to the production floor on a wheeled cart. During both trials, a trained PRO Scientific representative demonstrated the unit's capabilities and gathered feedback about required refinements to suit our specific equipment parameniers and operating conditions." Then, back at PRO Scientific headquailers. President Richard Yacko personally oversaw CAD/CAM redraw mgs to deliver the best possible The final customized design incorporates a PRO 250 motor unit, which is a standard model handheld or \ 380mm long stainless steel rotor-stator generator; a special assembly stand; and a one-size- fits-all dome and base unit that accommodates can sizes ranging \ 409), The unit is easy to set up, operate. and clean. Capable of handling samples from several ounces to several liters al blender/ homogeni/.er oilers AHF great labs, product development pilot kitchen, Levinson notes that the supplier worked w ith the processor closely to ensure the unit is 1} simple to operate for a w ide range of skill levels; 2) product ion-ready: different product consistencies, "Not only is the unit capable of homogenizing 'in- can" our main meal items [containing pasta, sauce, and mcalj, but it also can handle raw- or cooked meat and dry pastas. With high-speed blending of the products in their original containers, the demonstrated time for sample preparation. aliquoting [evenly dividing samples], and clean-up are substantially reduced versus our previous blending system," Levinson CHEF BOYARDEE in-can homogenizes ravioli, tortetlini Reprinted from Food Quality November/Decern her 1995 Issue

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