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Laboratory Equipment Catalog - 2

PRO Scientific general information PRO SCIENTIFIC I OFFICES AND MANUFACTURING CENTER I OXFORD, CT USA Superior quality and precision are as important to us as they are to the people who use our instruments. PRO Scientific product lines are made entirely in the USA, built with pride and built to last. PRO believes in listening precisely to what our customers need, then responding with a superior product. Our years of experience allow us to take a leadership role in providing you with laboratory equipment capable of handling tomorrow’s new challenges. Technical Support and Service PRO...

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Laboratory Equipment Catalog - 3

Homogenizers from PRO Scientific Handheld or Post-Mounted Laboratory Homogenizer Offering plenty of power and useful features, the Bio-Gen PRO200 homogenizer now has a 144 watt, high-torque motor with a variable speed adjustment, allowing for homogenization in mere seconds and a maximum noise level of only 68 dB. A separate ON/OFF switch conveniently allows for the slide switch speed control to remain at your ideal homogenizing speed. The lightest, highest-torque, most versatile homogenizer available With PRO QUICK CONNECT® rotor stator generators, ranging from 5 mm to 20 mm in diameter, or...

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Laboratory Equipment Catalog - 4

Homogenizers from PRO Scientific Handheld or Post-Mounted Laboratory Homogenizer The PRO250 is a perfect fit between the PRO200 and the benchtop PRO homogenizers. It’s lightweight enough to be handheld for convenience, yet has extra torque for processing difficult samples. A separate ON/OFF switch effortlessly allows for the dial knob speed control to remain at your ideal homogenizing speed. Combining the power of a 3/4 hp, 576 watt motor with a smooth variable speed control, the PRO250 handles a wide range of sample sizes. With PRO QUICK CONNECT® rotor stator generators ranging in diameter...

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Laboratory Equipment Catalog - 5

Homogenizers from PRO Scientific Digital Benchtop Homogenizers The D-Series is a perfect balance of power and superior performance. Combining a high-watt motor and advanced technology in digital speed controls has resulted in the most reliable and durable laboratory benchtop homogenizer. Its Three-Turn Speed Knob with the ability to adjust RPMs to the hundreds opposed to thousands, and its brighter LED display provide more user-friendly control. Additional features, such as the Dual-Power Light Indicator for simpler error/problem identification and the PRO TRAC motorized stand for...

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Laboratory Equipment Catalog - 6

Homogenizers from PRO Scientific PRO PC-Series Most versatile and affordable, high-torque, programmable homogenizers available Programmable Laboratory and Industrial Homogenizers Responding to a need for homogenizers that can run repetitive batch processing with a minimum of operator attention, PRO developed the computer-interfaced PRO PC-Series®. The PRO300PC and PRO400PC are programmed either from the unit’s touchpad or from your own laptop or desktop computer (serial communication modes RS232) with the included PROgrammable® software. An infinite number of programs can be created and...

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Laboratory Equipment Catalog - 7

Generators & assemblies from PRO Scientific The better alternative to plastic disposable generator probes Multi-Gen® generator probes are the better alternative to disposable plastic generator probes. This unique equipment is a reusable 7mm diameter generator probe manufactured from superior 316 stainless steel and PTFE, which allows for homogenizing samples without cross contamination and without the need to stop and clean a generator between samples. A MultiGen generator probe can quickly lock into the special Multi-Gen Adapter to provide hands-free ejection of the probe, minimizing the...

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Laboratory Equipment Catalog - 8

Generators & assemblies from PRO Scientific PRO Deflector Heads Enhance sample movement for improved homogenization PRO Scientific deflector heads are specifically designed to enhance the homogenization of larger volume and higher viscosity materials. The deflector head design creates vertical movement of heavy materials which would otherwise remain motionless, and promotes increased flow on larger volume samples. When processing viscous materials like creams and lotions, the PRO homogenizer deflector head forces materials from the generator tip up its tapered walls, creating increased...

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Laboratory Equipment Catalog - 9

Generators & assemblies from PRO Scientific PRO SAFETY SEAL® Tubes and Chamber Assemblies are by far the industry’s safest method of homogenizing with either a blade or a rotor stator generator. Their design provides a two-way barrier, protecting the operator from hazardous aerosols generated during processing while isolating the sample from external contaminants. In addition, the unique design of PRO SAFETY SEAL assemblies will not permit the user to operate the homogenizer with the blade exposed: the blade assembly cannot be engaged to the drive motor unless the chamber is attached. Tubes...

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Laboratory Equipment Catalog - 10

Generators & assemblies from PRO Scientific Quick Connect Generators for every application Every PRO generator is engineered for multiple applications and long service life. Made from highly durable 316 stainless steel, they can be completely sterilized by hot air, autoclaving, flaming or chemical processes, either as an assembly or disassembled into components. Every PRO generator features PRO’s QUICK CONNECT® design to remove or lock a generator in place with an easy quarter-turn. PRO HD generators are designed for rigorous conditions, such as running for an excessive time, processing...

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Laboratory Equipment Catalog - 11

Replacement components from PRO Scientific PRO Generator Replacement Components GENERATOR Part No. Rotor Head Rotor Shaft Rotor Collar Rotor Knife Upper Bearing Lower Bearing Ordering PRO Generator Parts with the Generator Part Numbering System From the list of generators to the left, an ordering part number can be generated by simply taking the prefix 02- followed by the diameter of the shaft and the length of the generator: 02 – X X X X X Ex: 5mm x 75mm = 02 – 05075 If the generator is available with a designation of HD, then simply add an “HD” at the end of the part number: Important...

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