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PROHS Equipamento Hospitalar e Servips Associados, S.A.

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Laboratory Autoclave - 2

Versatility Completely adaptable to different industries being the perfect choice for your needs. User Friendly Dedicated software takes connectivity and ease of operation to the next level. Ecological Design Water and electricity consumption optimized to each cycle reducing environmental impact. o STEAM PIPING IN STAINLESS STEEL O AUTOMATICALLY CONTROLLED BY PLC O T OR 10' COLOUR TOUCH SCREEN O PARTIAL JACKET CONSTRUCTION O AUTOMATIC VERTICALLY SLIDING DOORS O CLAMP CONNECTION OPTION O SEVERAL SAFETY FEATURES O INTEGRATED STEAM GENERATOR O REFINED POLISH FINISH O INTEGRATED PRINTER O HIGH...

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Laboratory Autoclave - 3

Liquid Cooling Options SOLIDS 1 SOLIDS 2 SOLIDS 3 SOLIDS 4 LIQUIDS WITH PRE-VACUUM LIQUIDS WITHOUT PRE-VACUUM UP TO 9 CYCLES CAN BE ADDED BY THE USER Cycles are entirely configurable Natural Cooling Slow-Exhaust Active Cooling (Air Ballast) After the sterilization phase, compressed air Is introduced In pulses in the chamber, through a filter, reducing considerably the cooling time of the load. Accelerated Cooling Cold water is introduced In the vessel's jacket during the cooling phase, allowing for additional time reduction of the cooling process.

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Laboratory Autoclave - 4

THINK HEALTH THINK PROHS Technical Characteristics Model Internal Dimensions External Dimensions Weight Doors PLAB PLAB+ PROHS PJ-190L PROHS PJ-250L PROHS PJ-325L PROHS PJ-350L PROHS PJ-460L PROHS PJ-600L PROHS PJ-740L PROHS PJ-880L Other sizes upon request, /litres capacity /cm height x width x depth /cm height x width x depth Total With Steam Generator Total Without Only Steam Steam Generator Generator /Kg Aproxim. Number Number With S.G. of doors of doors Available Configurations PLAB Basic teaching, research and diagnostic laboratories - BSL 1/2 PLAB+ Special research and diagnostic...

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