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PRS 500 B - 1

HUMAN MEDICINE PRS 500 B Motorized table-wall stand X-ray System with height adjustable table and auto tracking function

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PRS 500 B - 2

motorized functions central control unit height adjustment table wall stand backside wall stand control

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PRS 500 B - 3

SIMPLY X-RAY PRS 500 B The PRS 500 B radiography system is a motorized X-ray system with automatic tracking for versatile applications and high patient numbers. Thanks to the integrated, intelligent auto tracking control, the system allows the user a comfortable, fast and efficient daily workflow. The system provides excellent image quality and supports any exposure technique for radiology centers, clinics and hospitals. 3 Following essential work steps are auto tracked: Height adjustment of the table Moving or turning the X-ray tube Positioning of the wall stand Bucky auto tracking of the...

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PRS 500 B - 5

SIMPLY X-RAY Successful combination Benefit from a perfect symbiosis of manual and motorized movements. Precision, simplicity and speed are essential in everyday work. The PRS 500 B therefore supports you with a high level of operating comfort and an optimum workflow. Certain manual position changes are supported by precise distance and angle information on the touch screen. The automatic tracking system automatically adjusts the position of various movements, such as the vertical auto adjustment of the SID. This results in immense time savings for you. Speed, ease of operation and...

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PRS 500 B - 6

360° rotation of the complete tube column for maximum application flexibility. Ideal for immobile patients who, for example, have to be X-rayed directly in the bedside. The PRS 500 B is the perfect economical alternative to ceiling mounted systems. Central control With the large touch screen, the system offers you a simple and intuitive control. All important values such as the source image distance, the distance to the wall stand, the table height and other details can be seen at a single look on the digital display.

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PRS 500 B - 7

SIMPLY X-RAY User friendly and save Avoid risky auxiliary devices and use low-position exposures for regions of the body that are otherwise difficult to capture. 7 Maximum choice Choose your detector size from the PROTEC RAPIXX series (single detector, dual detector, wired or WiFi) with our CONAXX 2 image acquisition software.

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PRS 500 B - 8

Application examples lying patient Exposure pelvis ap lying Exposure lumbar spine lateral lying Exposure head 30° lying Exposure pelvis ap lying on mobile table, tube column 90° rotated

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PRS 500 B - 9

SIMPLY X-RAY Application examples standing patient Exposure lower jaw 15° standing Exposure thorax pa standing Exposure knee standing under stress Exposure abdomen lateral on mobile table in in front of wall stand

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PRS 500 B - 10

3 automatic stitched exposure

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PRS 500 B - 11

SIMPLY X-RAY Fully digital and motorized auto stitching You need full or complete leg exposures? Then the optional fully digital auto stitching function in combination with the PROTEC CONAXX 2 image acquisition software offers you an optimal solution. With two or three images at a distance of three meters, the Bucky in the wall stand and the motorized collimator are automatically positioned parallel to each other. For the user, this means no re-adjustments during the recording process and consequently enormous time savings.

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PRS 500 B - 13

SIMPLY X-RAY 35 years X-ray technology - Made in Germany PROTEC has been your competent partner in the field of X-ray technology for more than three decades. During this period we have acquired an expert knowledge which forms the basis of our company philosophy. Our efforts are focused on the generation of an optimal X-ray image for reliable diagnosis, whether analogue or digital, for humans, animals or material testing. As a German manufacturer, our commitment to quality is to provide you with competent and solution-oriented support at all times. Together with our worldwide partners we...

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PRS 500 B - 14

System type: Floor mounted auto tracking system with auto tracking X-ray table: Floating and height adjustable table with high patient load X-ray tube stand: Maximum user comfort, 360° rotation Wall stand: Manual or motorized adjustment; remote control System operation: Auto tracking and manual movements X-ray tube: Motorized or manual, with LED, filter, laser Image receptor: Full-digital configuration: • PROTEC RAPIXX flatpanel detectors (WiFi or cable cassette; size 43x36cm or 43x43cm) • PROTEC CONAXX 2 image acquisition software • Full DICOM compatibility Detailed technical data as per...

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PRS 500 B - 15

SIMPLY X-RAY Imagefilm PROTEC For further information please visit our website

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