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PRS 500 X - 1

HUMAN MEDICINE PRS 500 X Table-wall stand X-ray System with optional mobile 6 way table

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PRS 500 X - 2

PRS 500 X in analogue base configuration without mobile table Touch control unit Cassette tray / Bucky with exchangeable grid Floor locking Wall stand

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PRS 500 X - 3

SIMPLY X-RAY PRS 500 X Are you looking for a modern, robust and smooth-running complete X-ray system for your practice that can be configured according to your requirements? Explore the PRS 500 series! As our most flexible system, the PRS 500 X is ideally equipped for use in a pneumological practice. In combination with our mobile PROGNOST-XPE tables (cable or battery operation), the PRS 500 X meets all requirements even for the smallest space. Made in Germany, the System combines modern design with compact size, application flexibility and service-friendliness. The various system...

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PRS 500 X - 5

SIMPLY X-RAY Intuitive und flexible With the central control unit, the operation of the PRS 500 X is intuitive, smooth and ergonomic. Optional features such as an X-ray tube arm with telescopic function or the X-ray column which can be rotated through 360°, offer you additional benefits in handling and flexibility. In addition, the use of a mobile X-ray table allows you to place even large patient beds flexibly under the system at any time.

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PRS 500 X - 6

Application examples, lying patient Exposure pelvis ap lying Exposure knee ap lying Exposure pelvis ap lying on mobile table tube column 90° rotated Exposure Knee ap, lying in patient bed

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PRS 500 X - 7

SIMPLY X-RAY Application examples, standing / sitting patient Exposure knee standing under stress Exposure thorax pa standing Exposure lying in patient bed in front of the wall stand Exposure abdomen in front of the wall stand with patient extension grip

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PRS 500 X - 8

Top features, you directly benefit from Each time you make an adjustment, the light visor activates automatically. This allows to focus completely on the correct positioning of the patient. When moving the X-ray column (right/left), your detector or X-ray cassette always remains in the central ray of the X-ray tube due to the integrated bucky synchronisation The height-adjustable X-ray table (optional) offers you and your patient a low and comfortable access. The floating tabletop allows you to easily position the patient in the correct position.

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PRS 500 X - 9

SIMPLY X-RAY Due to the optimal synchronization of acquisition software, generator and detector, the risk of unnecessary radiation due to incorrect exposures is minimized. Body part based, automatic specifications for KV and mAs enable a highly efficient workflow. Setting parameters can be adjusted to your preferences for a maximum of customization. Highest quality and perfect service - this is what PROTEC has stood for 35 years. As a German manufacturer we are your partner for all questions concerning X-rays, Made in Germany.

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PRS 500 X - 10

Mobile PROGNOST tables

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PRS 500 X - 11

SIMPLY X-RAY Mobile, simple, PROGNOST X Our mobile tables of the PROGNOST XPE series offer a perfect extension to the PRS 500 X. Choose from the variants XPE for standard use with power supply, or the independently powered XPE battery according to your needs. Accessories such as long and short handles offer a maximum ease of use. Our PROGNOST XPE series feature a high patient carrying capacity as standard. In special cases, this may still not be sufficient. In these situations, the optional carbon fibre tabletop offers not only a higher load capacity, but also additional dose reduction. The...

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PRS 500 X - 13

SIMPLY X-RAY 35 years X-ray technology - Made in Germany PROTEC has been your competent partner in the field of X-ray technology for more than three decades. During this period we have acquired an expert knowledge which forms the basis of our company philosophy. Our efforts are focused on the generation of an optimal X-ray image for reliable diagnosis, whether analogue or digital, for humans, animals or material testing. As a German manufacturer, our commitment to quality is to provide you with competent and solution-oriented support at all times. Together with our worldwide partners we...

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PRS 500 X - 14

System type: Floor mounted X-ray system with wall stand X-ray table: Optional mobile table, height adjustable, high patientload X-ray column: Comfortable application, 360° rotating (optional) Wall stand: Highly radiolucent material, with exchangeable grid (optional) System operation: Easy movement, Ergonomic touchscreen operation (optional) X-ray tube: Image detector: X-ray film, memory foil (CR) or flatpanel detector (DR) Full-digital configuration: • PROTEC RAPIXX flatpanel detectors (WiFi or cable cassette; size 43x36cm or 43x43cm) • PROTEC CONAXX 2 image acquisition software • Full...

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PRS 500 X - 15

SIMPLY X-RAY Imagefilm PROTEC For further information please visit our Website

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