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innovation made by proxomed®

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content 04 _ 07 About proxomed® 08 _ 09 proxOS® data management 10 _ 11 tergumed® 700 | tergutrain® Software 12 _ 13 compass® 600 | proxotrain® Software 14 _ 15 compass® 530 | proxotrain® Software 16 _ 17 compass® MTT 18 _ 19 compass® 200 20 _ 21 kardiomed® 700 | kardiomed® Reha 22 _ 23 kardiomed® 521 | proxotrain® Software New 24 _ 25 proxovib® 26 _ 27 proxotrain® Software | mobee med New MediMouse® | IPN-Test® Suite Imprint proxomed® Medizintechnik GmbH Daimlerstraße 6 63755 Alzenau, Germany Reprinting and duplication of our information documents is, even when only excerpts, only...

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passion for motion proxomed® MTT stands in German for Medical Training Therapy MTT, mostly known international as device-supported active rehabilitation within a clinic setting Hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers and private physiotherapy practices and also medical doctors provide after surgery or as a conservative approach of treatment different medical products to improve health condition. Main goal is to enhance the motoric skills of a patient. Focus is the improvement of strength, endurance, coordination, velocity and flexibility. Specially planned and focused activities...

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Ukraine Georgia Kuwait Saudi Arabia China Azerbaijan Kazakhstan Kirgisistan Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Hong Kong Malaysia Indonesia

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passion for motion proxomed® medizintechnik gmbh Active in the medical and rehabilitation market since 1986, proxomed® Medizintechnik GmbH is well-established as a reliable and innovative developer and manufacturer of test and training equipment The proxomed® Group employs just under 90 employees at three different locations. In addition to the head office of proxomed® Medizintechnik GmbH in Alzenau, Germany, the company also has an office at the location of the holding, Fritz Gegauf AG, in Switzerland: the company Fritz Gegauf AG is a Swiss company with a long tradition stretching back...

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The chip card in the check card format as the personal trainer ensures that the training remains genuinely healthy and does not become excessive. This approach means the workload of the personnel is clearly relieved. The SmartPanel, a modern touch-screen display which provides convenient and straightforward support during the completion of the training, also helps out here. • Machine technology that we have manufactured in-house, with software solutions for a wide variety of applications and concepts • Diagnostic systems for the rehabilitation, preventive health care and health and exercise...

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integrate, evaluate, profit. connection to the system. proxOS® data management proxOS® is the central database and interface to devices and management systems proxOS® is the central database and interface to devices and management systems. Intelligent training concept, connection with the clinic's EDP department, digital processing, documentation and archiving of important patient information – targeted training and economical practice processes are no longer conceivable without the corresponding software support. We develop all the modules and concepts ourselves internally: on a scientific...

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Autostab positioning Localized vibration Strength training Functional exercises Endurance training tergume ® d to Back training uch

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functional medical back training tergumed® 700 The strength-training machines of our tergumed® 700 line are designed specifically for the effective treatment of back pain Your advantages • Combating back pain systematically • Evidence-based back training concept • Training plan with software support • Back training with sinus feedback curve • Excellent stabilization and positioning • Ultrasound weight detector • Tested safety in accordance with the German Medical Devices Act (Medizinp

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tergutrain® software tergumed® 700 Lateral flexion Your advantages The tergutrain software allows you to • Simple, single data entry via the optimize workflows in the software for tests and training. therapist’s workstation, • Efficient, economical working thanks to the chip card A SmartPanel cockpit is attached to each of the five testing and training • Standardisation of the test sequences and training measures stations. The tergumed 700 machines • Seamless graphic and numeric display are networked with each other. Central of the test results compared to the management of the patient data...

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functional medical strength training compass® 600 Our compass® 600 machine series gives you eight combination units in an innovative, contemporary design. The compass® units are particularly special thanks to their perfect biomechanics, and are suitable for a wide range of body sizes. Your advantages • Flexible, multifaceted training on easy-to-use machines • Space-saving combination units • Ergonomics and design • Integration in training planning and monitoring • Sinus feedback training • Meets the strict criteria of the German Medical Devices Act (Medizinproduktgesetz) Scan the QR code...

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Trunk extension/flexion Butterfly/butterfly reverse Chest press/rowing machine proxotrain® software Your advantages proxotrain software supports you in planning, implementing and documenting strength and endurance training with the compass® and kardiomed device series ® documentation of the test results • Detailed assessment and documentation of the training results • Use of training plans and training plan templates • Note regarding expiring training plans connection with the patented ultrasound measuring sensors, as well as the proxotrain® software, it becomes possible to implement force...

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functional medical strength training compass® 530 With compass® 530, we offer you a comprehensive program of biomechanically designed strength training devices Trunk extension/flexion Trunk extension Trunk flexion Your advantages • Various devices for targeted physical training of the upper and lower limbs as well as the trunk • Customisable settings allow optimum training results • User-friendly and optional details, for example movable lordosis cushion and eccentric technology • Ultrasound measuring sensors • Optional software: equipped with „SmartPanel”, a chip card unit and the...

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