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Options Software Concepts Frame colour Upholstery colour

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innovation made by proxomed® functional medical strength training More starting from page 22

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50 _ 59 compass® MTT Pulleys | Trainings benches

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Options Software Concepts Frame colour Upholstery colour functional and performance diagnostics 92 _ 93 MediMouse® IPN-Test® Suite 06 _ 07 proxomed® | International retailers and subsidiaries 08 _ 09 proxOS® data management 10 _ 11 proxOS® | proxOS® Station 12 _ 13 proxotrain® Infopoint | workoutpoint 20 _ 21 tergumed® touch 122 _ 123 Upholstery fabric | Colours Imprint proxomed® Medizintechnik GmbH Daimlerstraße 6 63755 Alzenau Reprinting and duplication of our information documents is, even when only excerpts, only permissible with our written approval and when the source is indicated....

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passion for motion proxomed® medizintechnik gmbh Active in the health and exercise market since 1986, proxomed®, a member of BERNINA Holding, Inc., is well-established as a reliable and innovative developer/manufacturer of test and training equipment. Throughout Europe and Asia proxomed® has established an excellent reputation within the medical field. As a manufacturer with the renowned German quality standards and its own sales organization, proxomed® offers intelligent solutions and training programs for individual requirements. Partners proxomed® works worldwide with exclusive partners...

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Options Software Concepts Frame colour Upholstery colour International retailers and subsidiaries Süss Medizintechnik GmbH Saudi Arabia) Helios Electromedicina Belgium China Soreha China Co., Ltd. Czech & Slovak Republic LAYLA s.r.o. Teprel Equipamentos Medicos, S. A. France Elite Médicale Group Asvomed BEKA RUS Japan Sakai Medical Co., Ltd. South Korea Mr. Naohiro Akazaki

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integrate, evaluate, profit. connection to the system. proxOS® data management proxOS® is the central database and interface to devices and management systems. Intelligent training concept, connection with the clinic's EDP department, digital processing, documentation and archiving of important patient information – targeted training and economical practice processes are no longer conceivable without the corresponding software support. We develop al the modules and concepts ourselves internally: on a scientific basis, practically orientated and with in-depth knowledge and experience of the...

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product overview 2014 - 9

Autostab positioning Localized vibration Strength training Functional exercises Endurance training tergume ® d to Back training uch tergumed® touch

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intelligent data management for the training therapy proxOS® With only one piece of software, you can control all processes in your facility proxOS® data management It is our answer to the complex demands and digital stand-alone solutions in physiotherapy: proxOS® – an integrated comprehensive system for intelligent data management. In this way, we connect the training equipment, control the therapy and as a result, make it possible for you to concentrate fully on the treatment. proxOS® is include free-of-charge in the stadardscope of delivery of the proxOS® Station. proxOS® data management...

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product overview 2014 - 11

proxOS® Station proxOS® Station | Item no. 10151200 Technical data Dimensions (L/W/H) Total weight Equipment The proxOS® Station includes a computer, a 22" TFT monitor, as well as a computer trolley including a chip card reading device in the proxomed® design. The proxOS® Station is stable, rollable and includes a hidden power distribution unit so that the different cables can be hidden in the body without being seen.

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product overview 2014 - 12

software for optimised strength and endurance training proxotrain® proxotrain® supports you in planning, implementing and documenting strength and endurance training with the compass® and kardiomed® device series In strength and endurance training, as well as in the case of isometric and dynamic tests, we provide you with support with our test and training software proxotrain®. In this way, you optimise the planning, implementation, controlling, assessment and documentation of the training. Easy and self-explanatory For smooth work in physiotherapy facilities: with proxotrain®, you can...

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Technical data Technical data Total weight Total weight 18 kg (excluding SmartPanel and cockpit) The proxomed® Infopoint is a station for patients/customers which allows variety of free exercises for invigoration, them to enter and view training results autonomously using the chip card and planned and performed. It is operated includes a system of messages from using the SmartPanel touchscreen the trainer to the customer. It includes a monitor and the previously described 19" touchscreen PC including a chip chip card. A variety of exercises can be card reading device, a base and chosen. How...

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product overview 2014 - 14

functional medical strength training

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product overview 2014 - 16

functional medical back training tergumed® 700 The strength-training machines of our tergumed® 700 line are designed specifically for the effective treatment of back pain. Combating back pain systematically Today, more and more people are suffering from health complaints due to a lack of exercise. The accompanying atrophying of the muscles leads to severe back pain, which in some cases becomes chronic. With our tergumed® 700 machines, you can offer your patients integrated, personalized back training with documented therapeutic success. Evidence-based back training concept tergumed® 700...

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product overview 2014 - 18

functional medical back training tergumed® 700 Extension tergumed® 700 Extension | Item no. 10330100 tergumed® 700 Flexion | Item no. 10330200 Technical data Technical data Weight stack (increments) Weight stack (increments) Total weight Total weight Equipment • Continuous seat height adjustment via pneumatic springs • Laser pointer for the correct positioning of the rotation axis • Continuous height adjustment of the Equipment • Continuously adjustment of the knee stabilizer via pneumatic springs (seated position) • Continuously adjustable lever bar length lumbar stabilizer via pneumatic...

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