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3D medical imaging made easy Visualization of patient specific anatomy

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Understanding the anatomy of a human has been a requirement for phycisians through the ages. The better the understanding of the anatomy, the better the treatment will be. Understanding a patients specific anatomy is a requirement. Andreas Vesalius (1514), the name giver of our Vesalius3D, is regarded as the “Founder of Modern Anatomy” because he made the world realize that anatomy can only be taught through dissection

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Medical imaging seeks to reveal internal structures hidden by the skin and bones. In day to day hospital life these images are studied in 2D to be interpreted on a 3D patient. Years of training and expertise is needed to build a 3D image from 2D slices in the mind. Vesalius3D makes this easy

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Current trends Explosion in medical data • CT, MRI and Ultrasound have become mainstream • No longer the exclusive domain of the Radiologist Medical Professionals Presenting the images in both 2D and 3D allow medical specialists to quickly understand the data and their patients problem. Patients What is wrong with me? Vesalius3D fills the information gap between doctor and patient. Planning, training and communication Vesalius3D is used at universities and colleges to explain the 3D aspects of the human body, specialists explain complex procedures at team meetings and to large audiences at...

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New models, pay per use instead of application sale Eliminate need for local processing power (lowering tech need requirement and tech cost) Bring imaging to any screen (from phone to auditorium) Easy to scale Easy to update Emerging trends Cloud computing Patient empowerment Patients will continue to demand more control over their healthcare. Alongside greater access to medical information and control over what they spend, patients will continue to demand more personalized time with their providers. Vesalius3D in the cloud empowers the patient and makes doctorpatient interaction efficient....

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Financially Educated (Economist, CPA) Met in California USA. Working together on technology commercialisation since 2003 Expertise Commercialization of technologies developed in scientific institutions and universities

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Founded in 2015 Focus on medical opportunities developed at PS-Tech Mark Lausbcrg Virtual realty (Vc«tiu$3D)

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PS-Tech • Product definition • Research funded by EU and Dutch government, such as: • High Profile • 3D Pathology • Igit • Several • Start of PS-Medtech as a separate company • Focus on medical activities • Developments funded by projects • Cooperation with doctors for product development • Vesalius3D Class I medical device • Exclusive product for 3D workstation Development Vesalius3D towards standalone product • Vesalius3D as a standalone product • Next to 3D workstation

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Growth and ambition Optimal patient care demands Patient Specific Anatomical information Vesalius3D makes this happen

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Our mission: Instant patient specific 3D anatomical information to healthcare professionals and their patients based on standard medical data Better understanding Better treatment planning Better informed teams Better patient outcome Better care

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Open complex aortic operations in the chest and abdomen require optimal pre-operative planning based on CT or MR scan images. Visualizing the aortic pathologies and surrounding tissues in 3D offers significant additional information, allowing even more accurate surgical strategies. Vesalius3D has developed the software and technology to convert traditional 2D images to this new and highly valuable dimension. Prof. Dr. Michael Jacobs Chief of Cardiovascular Center, Maastricht UMC+, The Netherland

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Global market Number of users ± 9.8M physicians* ± 43.5M total health care workers Global Market size: Medical imaging software Medical image analysis software market is expected to reach $3.88 billion by 2022 from $2.61 billion in 2017, at a CAGR of 8.2%** Approx half of this is stand alone software (not integrated)*** Afrika North-, Middleand South America Eastern Mediterranean Europe 2013 Total health workers * Source tabel WHO: ** Source:...

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The Solution Vesalius3D Vesalius3D combines high quality volumetric visualization with easy navigation The combination of both Visualization and Navigation are key to the understanding of medical data. The right image The right point of view Fast Visualization is needed to show the right structures to the user and Navigation is essential to be able to show the right anatomical information from the correct point of view. This combination allows for fast and efficient visualization, exploration and understanding of complex volumetric data such as MRI, CT and Ultrasound.

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Organizational strength • Developed in cooperation with medical specialists • Built on 20+ years of experience in 3D visualization • Unique rendering engine enables live volumetric visualization and 3D navigation • Use standard medical data • Windows (PC) based Unique selling points Product strength • Instant patient specific anatomy • Reveal details and structures missed using only standard 2D slices • Fly around inside the patient • Easy to use and filled wit

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Easy access to functionality Menu bar Basic operations Controls bar Access to frequently used functionality 3 pages of grouped functionality • Visualisations • Measurements • 3D printing Right click Context m

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Anatomy Cardiology Cardiothoracic surgery Vascular surgery Oncology Orthopedic surgery Ocular surgery General surgery Radiology Pathology

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Ambassadors The company worked closely with the Japanese and Dutch key users to further develop the Vesalius3D application

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Amsterdam Office Falckstraat 53 hs 1017 VV Amsterdam The Netherlands Floridadreef 112 3565 AM Utrecht The Netherlands

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