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breastlight Product information 2018

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Product information 2018 Breastlight is a MHRA class l medical device that provides women with an innovative way to better understand their breast health in the comfort of their own home. Rather than being a replacement for a GP check, Breastlight has been designed to offer women a clear indication of whether there is an abnormality which reputes a more urgent appointment. It enables women to gain a clear view inside the breast tissue to spot any abnormalities developing within the blood flow over time. Breastlight works by shining a harmless yet powerful red light through the...

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PRODUCT INFORMATION Breastlight features breastlightProduct information 2018 Lens: The lens should be placed firmly against the breast which will allow the 3 harmless LED lights to intensify giving you a translucent view of your breast. If the lens is not in full contact with the skin tissue then the light may not intensify For hygiene reasons we would advise to wipe the lens clean after each use using a dry tissue or moist cloth. Display Panel: There are 4 symbols on the display which are a days since last use' indicator, a brightness intensity indicator and a battery life indicator....

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breastlight' WrmEF**'fir-' ct information 2018 PRODUCT INFORMATION What to expect As with a standard Breast self-examination, what you are looking for is anything out of the ordinary Breastlight's powerful red light will penetrate through the breast tissue and should reveal shadow lines which are the veins and blood vessels carrying blood normally throughout the breast itself. You may also see a circle of small dofs around fhe nipple - fhese are parf of your mammary glands and are also complefely normal. However, if you nofice a dark clusfer/dark mass fhen it is possible that these areas...

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Product information 2018 Pregnancy You can use Breastlight when you are pregnant but your breasts will be changing, and receiving an extra blood supply It is advisable to stop using Breastlight until a few months after you have finished breast feeding. Breast Implants Breastlight works very well with implants. It can be difficult for women who have implants to check their breasts making Breastlight an invaluable aid for breast awareness. Large breasts Women with larger breasts often feel less sure with self-examination but women actually found the opposite with Breastlight. There is not...

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High Risk BREASTLIGHTS MARKET Who are we targeting? Women over 50 Early detection The risk of developing breast cancer increases with age The condition is most common among women over 50 who have been through the menopause About 8 out of 10 cases of breast cancer occur in women over 50 Women with a high risk have a 30% or greater chance of developing breast cancer in their lifetime What puts women at high risk? - Family history - Lack of physical activity - Obesity - Smoking - Excessive alcohol consumption Breastlight can be used on any women who want the reassurance of early detection in...

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