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Clinical Chemistry

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We are constantly developing innovative In-Vitro Diagnostic solutions to accurately uncover the truth hidden in a single drop of blood. Our actions help to understand the known and discover the unknown, leading to the earliest detection, treatment and monitoring of the health of patients all over the world. Our cutting-edge In-Vitro Diagnostic solutions provide the lifeline that connects doctors and clinicians to their patients to deliver a positive health outcome.

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We Connect Healthcare Professionals with European Quality & Inovation in IVD About Us Cormay Diagnostics has a lot of experience and know-how in producing comprehensive range of market leading clinical chemistry and hematology reagents, together with innovations and patented technology have allowed us to deliver outstanding performance and reliability of our IVD solutions. With tens of thousands satisfied customers in over 120 countries worldwide Cormay and Orphee has rapidly become a trusted brand by laboratory professionals for standardized routine screening in PoCT, core labs, satellite...

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Today our New Generation of fully automated, bench-top Accent analyzers offers technological advancements and intelligence that ensure you work smarter, faster and with greater accuracy.  Up to 120 T/H & 400 T/H with ISE  40 Disposable Cuvettes  8 Wavelengths Of Intelligent Multi-Patented Clinical Chemistry Analyzers 240 T/H Constant & 400 T/H with ISE 80 Reusable Cuvettes Clog Detection Grating System with 12 Wavelengths Providing the BEST POSSIBLE PATIENT CARE is our top priority. We understand physicians rely on fast and accurate diagnostic information to prescribe the appropriate...

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Uncover the Secrets To Your Health When a diagnosis is accurate and made in a timely manner, a patient has the best opportunity for a positive health outcome because clinical decision making will be tailored to a correct understanding of the patient’s health problem. CORMAY DIAGNOSTICS BRAND

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Market Leading Reagents The longest shelf life The longest on board stability Confidence in Your Clinical Decisions The longest calibration stability Tested and Proven Formulations High Quality Raw Materials State-of-the-Art Production Technology Extensive Quality Control Ferritin Iron Transferrin UIBC Calcium Phosphorus LDL Direct CK-MB CRP Glucose Lactate Microalbumin Triglycerides Electrolytes Calcium Magnesium Potassium ISE Sodium ISE Bilirubin Direct Bilirubin Total Ceruloplasmin Cholinesterase GGT Lactate Total Bile Acids Total Protein Covid - 19 ALAT Albumin ASAT Bilirubin Total...

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Diagnostic Test Results You Can Trust Risk from Carry-Over Significantly Reduced Accent Multi-Patented Performance Enhancement Technology Carry-Over between tests reduced to ≤0.05% comprehensive portfolio of market leading clinical chemistry reagents to deliver a diagnostic test results you can trust. Waterfall probe cleaning Optimized washing station Outstanding Accuracy & Linearity Accent’s Patented Concave Grating Light-Splitting Technology Performance through Simultaneous sets new standards in clinical chemistry performance. optical Accent combines powerful Patented Optical Technology...

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PRODUCTIVITY Uninterrupted Run Critical samples and reagents loading during run without work-flow disruption. Reduced Instrument Downtime Maximize time for critical testing of patient samples through Accent’s Self-Diagnostic Service and Maintenance Software. Significantly Reduced Reruns Avoid unneccessary and time wasting work-flow disruptions with Accent’s Intelligent Probe Technology.  Clog Detection  Collision Protection  Liquid Level Detection  Inventory Monitoring  Reagent Pre-Warming Conclusive Diagnostic Test Results the First Time Immediately confirm flagged patient results during...

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Covid-19 Panel Covers A Broad Number Of Clinical Chemistry Analyzers TOKYO BOEKI Prestige 24i Biolls 30i Biolis 24i Premium Our Response To The Covid-19 Global Pandemic BECKMAN COULTER Cormay liver function assays • ALANINE AMINOTRANSFERASE (ALAT) – 2nd generation with unrivalled linearity up to 1100 U/L and 12 weeks on board and calibration stabilities; Nowadays the essential role of In Vitro Diagnostics extends beyond Diagnosis and Epidemiological Surveillance. Also STAGING, PROGNOSTICATION and THERAPEUTIC MONITORING of COVID-19 patients is critical for assessing disease severity and...

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satisfied customers Just scan the QR code for more marketing materials CLINICAL CHEMISTRY RAPID TESTS Cormay Diagnostics Brands From Europe Answering your IVD Needs

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