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We are constantly developing innovative In-Vitro Diagnostic solutions to accurately uncover the truth hidden in a single drop of blood. Our actions help to understand the known and discover the unknown, leading to the earliest detection, treatment and monitoring of the health of patients all over the world. Our cutting-edge In-Vitro Diagnostic solutions provide the lifeline that connects doctors and clinicians to their patients to deliver a positive health outcome.

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For Over 35 Years We Connect Healthcare Professionals with European Quality & Innovation in IVD Cormay Diagnostics has a lot of experience and know-how in producing comprehensive range of market leading clinical chemistry and hematology reagents, together with innovations and patented technology have allowed us to deliver outstanding performance and reliability of our IVD solutions. Our Cormay and Orphee IVD brands have become trusted by healthcare proffesionals from all over the world. Mythic Family analyzers suits in wherever needed Perfect solution for wide range of hospital and clinical...

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The MYTHIC™ Family Multi-Patented Hematology Analyzers Continuous Investment in Innovation, Technology, Research & Development. 9 parameters 20 9 samples/hr 60 9 sample volume 9,6 µl low 9 parameters + CRP 21 9 histograms 3 9 samples per h 60 9 sample volume <20 µl 9 Touch- Screen 10’4 LCD 9 built-in Thermal Printer 9 pre-diulution mode 9 parameters 24 9 to 50 samples/hr up 9 sample volume 15,7 μl low 9 parameters 24 9 to 50 samples/hr up 9 sample volume 18,2 μl low TRUE 5 DIFF TECHNOLOGY UNCOMPROMISED PATIENT DIAGNOSIS SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED REAGENTS CONSUMPTION IMPROVED LABORATORY...

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When a diagnosis is accurate and made in a timely manner, a patient has the best opportunity for a positive health outcome because clinical decision making will be tailored to a correct understanding of the patient’s health problem. IMPEDANCE 3 DIFF CRP + immunoturbidimetry TRUE 5 DIFF Technology TRUE 5+ DIFF Technology Viral Infections Bacterial Infections Inflammatory diseases CORMAY DIAGNOSTICS BRAND

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Confidence In Your Clinical Decisions Trust MYTHIC™ Multi-Patented Optical Technology At Orphée, we understand the significance of technology in delivering fast and accurate diagnostic test results. Interferences are strongly dependent on the patient’s health and can be very different from patient to patient. Mythics’ innovative, patented single cell measurement technology ensures TRUE 5 DIFF and TRUE 5+ DIFF performance. Multipatented technology combined with our proprietary dynamic clustering algorithm delivers precise test results for confident diagnosis. NATIVE CELLS MEASUREMENT FOR...

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Uncompromised, Diagnostic Test Results You Can Trust Uncompromised, Comprehensive Results Orphée’s innovative TRUE 5 DIFF technology combined with Dynamic Clustering intelligence ensure that when it comes to patient health, there is no compromise. Our Mythic’s are designed to enhance your laboratory capabilities, producing high quality, accurate diagnostic test results in the most difficult of environments and on the most challenging patient samples. Mythics’ world-class hematology analyzers ensure TRUE 5 DIFF even TRUE 5+ DIFF TECHNOLOGY, multi-patented technology for more precise results...

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Enhanced Diagnostics Performance Mythic’s 2 in 1 COMPLEX SOLUTION Simulataneously performs blood & CRP measurements for Fast, Accurate & Comprehensive Whole Blood Screening. 21 Parameters + CRP 3 Histograms 50,000 results with histogram Sample volume < 20 µl for Pediatric, elder people and patients with excessive blood loss Innovation That Plays A Leading Role In Reducing Antibiotic Resistance Join 113 Countries and 40 Health Organisations by practicing antibiotic stewardship in support of the World Health Organisation’s Call to Action on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) - 2021. Built-in...

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Your Cost Savings Mythic’s patented technology reduces reagents consumption and related waste by thousands of liters without any compromise in the accuracy of your diagnostic test result. Extremely low sample volume saves precious blood and expensive control material. Our Mythics provide affordable hematology testing for everyone. Total reagents consumption up to 70% lower 18000 16000 5 years reagents consump�on [L] Diluent Only 3 reagents used for low cost and environment protection. Mythic Family Extremely Economical Analyzers Orphee’s Mythic multi-patented technology not only delivers...

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satisfied customers Just scan the QR code for more marketing materials Cormay Diagnostics Brands From Europe Answering your IVD Needs RAPID TESTS CLINICAL CHEMISTRY

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