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Veterinary Brochure - 2

THE LIFELINE TO BETTER HEALTH We are constantly developing innovative In-Vitro Diagnostic solutions to We are constantly the truth hidden in a single drop ofDiagnostic actions help accurately uncover developing innovative In-Vitro blood. Our solutions to accurately uncover known and discover the unknown, leading to the earliest to understand the the truth hidden in a single drop of blood. Our actions help detection, treatment and monitoring of the health of patients all to the world. to understand the known and discover the unknown, leadingover theearliest Our cutting-edge In-Vitro...

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Veterinary Brochure - 3

Enhancing Animal Health by Connecting Veterinarians Worldwide to a Comprehensive Portfolio of Powerful Diagnostic Tests CLINICAL CHEMISTRY

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Comprehensive Portfolio of Diagnostic Tests for Companion, Farm and Wild Animals Assess Overall Systemic Health Without Need for Invasive, Expensive Procedures: Blood Tests Bacterial Infections, Viral Infections, Allergies, Organ Failure, Organ Functionality, Tumors, Urine Tests Fluids Tests Diseases, Malnutrition & Hydration, Blood Clotting, Toxicology & Parasites. Fecal Matter Tests 4

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Veterinary Brochure - 5

Comprehensive Portfolio of Diagnostic Tests Diagnostic tests for Companion, farm and Wild animals. Define the appropriate course of medication for animals suffering from infections or illnesses Perform obligatory pre-anaesthetic diagnosis in your Clinic. Make decisions for the necessity to perform surgery before organ disorders severely manifest Advise on nutritional diet plans for a healthy transformation. For all these critical decisions, fast and accurate diagnosis is fundamental to identifying the appropriate course of treatment and your animal’s welfare. For all these critical...

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Veterinary Brochure - 6

Compact & Portable Urine Diagnostics 9 Fast Up to 10 Parameters in less than 1 min 9 Low Sample Volumes < 2 ml 9 Easy to Use Multiparametric Strips Ready for Use No Sample Pretreatment Necessary Touchscreen Operation 9 Low Cost per Test PARAMETERS High specific gravity (>1.035) Nephrotic syndrome, dehydration, acute glomerulonephritis, heart failure, liver failure, shock Diabetes insipidus, nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, acute tubular necrosis, pyelonephritis Protein, microalbumin, creatinine Renal disease, fever congestive heart failure (CHF), hypertension, tumors Sugar levels are...

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Veterinary Brochure - 7

Compact True 5-DIFF + RET & 3 D-DIFF Hematology Diagnostics Health status 9 Fast Up to 34 Parameters in less than 1 min Viral Infections Up to 13 Preset Animal Settings Plus 3 User Defined Settings Hydration status No Sample Pretreatment Necessary Pre-Diluted Mode for Small & Young Animals Blood Clotting Allergies Parasites Touchscreen Operation 9 Low Cost per Test Oncology Anemias differentiation 5-DIFF MYTHC 5VET PRO Companion Animals Farm Animals Horse, Pig, Cow, Sheep, Goat Wild Animals Buffalo, Monkey, Rat, Camel CORMAY DIAGNOSTICS BRAND

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Veterinary Brochure - 9

Convenient, Disposable All-in-One Parasitology System 9 Fast Results within 4 minutes 9 Safe Prefilled with Ecological Fixative for non-Hazardous Disposa 9 Easy to Use Simple & Intuitive 3 Step Process Proven Quality of Obtained Material for Microscopic Use 9 Low Cost per Test Parasitosis cause Microorganism tested Nematodes (ascarid) Toxocara, Trichuris, Ancylostomatidae Nematodes (bronchopulmonary larvae stadium) Endocellular intestinal protozoa Coccidian oocysts Flagellated intestinal protozoa Giardia duodenalis CORMAY DIAGNOSTICS BRAND

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Veterinary Brochure - 10

Cormay Diagnostics Tailor-Made Veterinary Healthcare Solutions Veterinary medicine continues its shift toward proactive veterinary services and recommendations, including regular laboratory tests. With the overriding quest for best patient care, it also gives veterinary practices the opportunity to grow practice income and build a sustainable economic future. Cormay Diagnostics Veterinary offers the most comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to give the possibility to meet the dynamic veterinary medicine requirements and give an assurance in diagnosis and patient care.

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Veterinary Brochure - 11

Expand Clinic Services - Offer More Services to Your Patients and Pet-Owners Fast Service - Immediate Diagnostic Results for Fast Treatment and Recovery Fast Return on Investment - Reduce and Eliminate Diagnostic Tests Outsourcing Plan for Future Business Growth - Compact in Size with High Throughput Capability Diagnostic Test Results You Can Trust - Sophisticated Technologies that Ensure Accurate Results Simple and Convenient – No Sample Pre-Treatment and Intuitive Analyzer Operation Building Trust & Prestige –Create Expert Knowledge and Professional Healthcare CORMAY DIAGNOSTICS BRAND

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satisfied customers CLINICAL CHEMISTRY RAPID TESTS Cormay Diagnostics Brands From Europe Answering your IVD Needs

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