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Q-Optics Radiant? Portable LED Light System

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Radiant" Portable LED Light System Maximum brilliance of LED lighting with long-lasting battery powered portability. tightness - Up to 15,000 Foot Candles • No Memory - Charge Anytime Battery Pack • Lithium Ion Battery Pack - twice the longevity of NiMH • Precision Intensity Controls - saves battery life • FITS ALL LOUPE SYSTEMS • Slim, Small, and Super Light Have a better look'

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Actual size Spot Size working distances Anti Curing RADHUM Bi Convex Micro Lens combines intensity and edge to edge evenness into a large and defined light spot. The compact lens allows for incredibly small and lightweight design o( the headlight, but heat is not an issue as it is with many LED Micro systems. This system uses unique heat dissipating double hinge arms to safely remove heat from the areas of the system accessible by the user. Quick disconnect style mount attaches to a headband or almost any loupe system m the world. Actual size Short Working Distances Intensity Up to 5000...

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BATTERY PACK Battery Life Mir :lliqhl li hi- M-dll/hr-! Battery Type . ihium Ion (no memory r: Charge time tlpto 4 hours Actual size BATTERY PACK—Experience all day usage from the Radiant battery pack's micro- controlled circuit. • Proprietary circuit efficiently controls LED operation to fully maximize the available power of the no memory • The circuit constantly adjusts battery draw to maintain constant intensity throughout 99% of the battery life The 5 17 hours of power will surely outlast most any procedure but "low battery" warnings programmed into 'he circuit help to never leave a...

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Radiant Lighted Instrument System (LED system and your choice of instrument). • Battery Pack • Instrument Attachment • System Charger • Choice of Lighted Instrument Lighted Instrument: • Instrument Attachment • Choice of Lighted Instrument Fiberoptic handle style diagnostic Fiberoptic handle style micro diagnostic probe. Allows pinpoint precision and access to narrow I iberoptic microscope diaqnost c probe for use with endodontic D. Fiberoptic Pritchard elevator. Probe can be used on either end of the Pritchard elevator. PE-FO E. Fiberoptic mouth mirror. used as diaqnostic probe. F....

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