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Q-Optics Through-the-Lens (TTL) Loupes

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Flip Style Loupes Q-Optics Flip Style Loupes

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All Q-Optics Flip Style Loupes come standard with our exclusive E-Hinge™ for maximum ergonomic placement of the loupes. Traditional flip-style loupes are designed with a double hinge that places an optic in front of the eye without considering proper ergonomic position. Our E-Hinge™ features an incredibly long vertical adjustment bar that allows for the loupes to be placed at a steep ergonomic angle and adjusted separately for proper height. Unlike traditional designs, the unique offset optics ensure the loupes can set deep on the face without the bridge of the nose interfering with the...

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FLIP STYLE LOUPES E-Hinge: Merging Ergonomics and Optics • Quick change connect HORIZONTAL LINE OF SIGHT • Light weight • irect vertical adjustment allows for D maximum ergonomic adjustment • Precision glass telescopes • Waterproof EXTREME DOWNWARD ANGLES ARE NOW POSSIBLE Correct Ergonomic Posture and Optical Alignment E-HINGE™ • Precision torque set hinges • Titanium, safety, or sport frame • Military grade anti-scratch coating Poor Ergonomic Posture Poor Optical Alignment TRADITIONAL DOUBLE HINGE LOUPES Ergonomic Compromise NECK PAIN Correct Ergonomic Posture and Optical Alignment Good...

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Sizes: Regular, Petite Dark Pewter Pearl Pink Lilac Pearl Copper Black Cherry Gun Metal Grey Gun Metal Grey Black Black Rose Tifosi Roubaix Sizes: Universal Gloss Black Gun Metal Grey Ruby Red Tortoise Matte

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Q-Optics Flip Style Loupes with Ergonomic Hinge Anti-fog lenses on a Titanium frame E-Hinge™ for proper ergonomic placement Offset optics Broad band AR and scratch-resistant coating Soft silicone nosepads

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FLIP STYLE LOUPES Q-Optics / Quality Aspirators 1419 Godwin Lane, Duncanville, Texas 75116 972-298-2669 Local 800-858-2121 US & Canada only 972-298-6592 fax © 2013 Q-Optics. All rights reserved. Product specifications are subject to change at any time without prior notice. DS-308-10000-03, ECN# 1448

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