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OrthoAgility L4D/L4KD Knee/Hip/Ankle CPM Specification Brochure


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OrthoAgility L4D/L4KD Knee/Hip/Ankle CPM Specification Brochure - 1

Advanced design, ease of operation, and innovative treatment features. OrthoAgility’s L4D and L4KD Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) devices put you in digital control with speed variability, wide range of motion and easy accommodation of pediatric to adult patients. Benefits Overview of the L4D and L4KD: • Lightweight (21-24 lbs.) and portable • Wide range of motion from -1 0° to a full 1 35° at the knee • Speed variability from 30° to 21 0°/minute • Easy to use digital motion controller • End of range pause feature • Warm up feature • Treatment timer • Patient compliance monitor (hours/cycles) • Patient Memory Key • Patient Lockout feature • Simultaneous hip, knee and ankle motion • Silent operation • Pediatric accommodation • L4D accessory transporter carriage available • More compact L4KD travels on wheels and folds up • Reverse-on-load safety feature

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OrthoAgility L4D/L4KD Knee/Hip/Ankle CPM Specification Brochure - 2

A True Original The OrthoAgility® line of CPM devices are based on the original work of Dr. Robert Salter, Toronto, Canada. QAL Medical®, LLC continues the CPM line's long tradition of producing products that are user-friendly for medical professionals and patients while providing the best of both upper and lower body joint therapy. Ordering Information: L4D-100U / L4D-3100U: L4 Lower Limb CPM device complete with disposable patient kit, digital controller, memory key, power supply with cord and instructions for use L4D-300U / L4D-3300U: L4D shortened 10cm to accommodate smaller bed...

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