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CRT Controlled Room Temperature Storage Cabinets Patent applied for. Definitions of ‘Controlled Room Temperature’ (CRT) imply active control over the temperature of the storage environment, where extremes of hot & cold temperatures are avoided and storage is actively maintained between 15°C to 25°C. Service providers in the care sector will find that guidelines will generally refer to keeping room temperature below 25°C. Whereas pharmacy guidelines are more precise and refer to the ‘controlled room temperature’ of 15°C to 25°C. A recent study of published care home inspection reports reveals that many care homes in the UK are failing to store room temperature medicines within the CRT range of 15°C to 25°C. Stability studies show that excessive heat compromises drug potency and can ultimately risk patients lives. Resource information about CRT storage can be found at: This is your complete guide to safe storage of nonrefrigerated (CRT) pharmaceuticals and medicines . Ideal for hospitals, care homes, GP surgeries, clinics, veterinary, etc

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Background to the Problem The manufacturing of temperature sensitive drugs has increased over the years and CRT storage at 15°C to 25°C has become an important temperature range. Tightening up on how medicines within this product range are stored – the global supply chain – has seen standards change in many countries. However storing medicines below 25°C presents many challenges as current temperature management such as air-conditioning and logging of data can be both expensive and time consuming. We are committed to providing a comprehensive range of CRT storage cabinets for the safe...

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The Answer is QED Scientific CRT Storage Cabinets Standard Models - available with solid or double glazed doors ALL MODELS: Digital controller High and low alarms - audible and visual - with mute Fan Minimum and maximum temperature recorded since last memory clear Options: Remote alarm contacts, internal data logger with PC download or wireless transmission to central data store, controlled drug compartment, wall fixings, calibration certificate, controlled drug compartment, digital door lock, etc Model CRT155 153 Litres, solid lockable door Model CRT155G 153 Litres, glazed lockable door...

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Heavy Duty CRT Storage Cabinets Model CRT155S Stainless steel outside 153 litres External: 850h x 600w x 600d mm Model CRT400S Stainless steel outside 400 litres External: 1850h x 600w x 600d mm Model CRT650SS Stainless steel inside & outside 650 litres External: 2130h x 730w x 845d mm Model CRT1250SS Stainless steel inside & outside 1250 litres External: 2130h x 1315w x 845d mm CRT Storage Cabinet Factory Fitted Accessories Digital door lock Controlled drugs storage Cabinet. Manufactured to comply with BS2881:1989 regulations. Wall/floor fixing brackets for CRT cabinet included. Internal...

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