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Combination Fluid & Blanket Warming Cabinets For many theatres there is a shortage of space in which to place fluid or blanket warming cabinets. We offer ‘Combination Cabinets’ that have one compartment for fluids a separate compartment for storing blankets. Special baskets help to keep bag outer wraps or the edges of blankets away from the chamber walls so that the warm air can move round the chamber unhindered. Compartments have separate digital temperature control systems so that fluids/blankets can be stored at different temperatures. These models are fitted with a set of lockable wheels so that the cabinet can be moved easily for floor cleaning. All can be fitted with a glazed door viewing panel. Model Ref. 1 -Litre Blankets External (mm) Bottles Stored Ht x W x D Blanket & Combi Warming There is evidence of “fewer incidences of wound infections if patients are kept warm pre-operatively. Patients will recover faster, with less antibiotics, in greater comfort and can be discharged sooner from hospital if kept warm post“Keeping patients warm is considered best practice” * operatively”. Shown with optional viewing windows Now with top mounted control option * Cabinets are NOT suitable for warming blood products Cabinets These high quality cabinets can be used for warming blankets as well as fluids in bottles or bags. All these warming cabinets have insulated walls, internal fans and digital display with microprocessor control. An independent safety cut-out is fitted to all cabinets. The storage baskets are designed to maximise airflow round the blankets so that they warm up faster. These blanket warming cabinets are based on the same general design as our range of fluid warming cabinets. Maximum temperature is 80C. Larger models have lockable wheels. Above - BW700/WH Below - BWH120 with wheels Approximate capacity 4 blankets in 1 basket 6 blankets in 1 baskets 8 blankets in 2 baskets 10 blankets in 2 baskets 16 blankets in 4 baskets 16 blankets in 2 baskets 25 blankets in 5 baskets 36 blankets in 4 baskets 48 blankets in 6 baskets Options include glazed viewing panels, alarms and stands. Also see details of our new range of heated blankets that offer safe and even warming of patients without the high operating costs of warm air blanket systems. Use for prewarming, during surgery and in recovery area. As part of our policy of continuous product improvement, the specifications are subject to change without notice Plants Yard, Wharf Road, Whaley Bridge, High Peak, SK23 7AD, UK Tel: 0844 846 6435 Fax: 0844 504 2841 Web: www.qedscientific.co.uk

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