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ESEQuant LFR — Lateral Flow Reader The ESEQuant LFR is a highly sensitive, robust, and cost-effective optical measurement system for rapid tests at the point of need. This flexible and reliable system, based on a ready-to-use concept, enables you to easily develop fluorescence or colorimetric lateral flow tests. Starter kits are immediately available and can be rapidly adapted to various test strip or cassette formats. Technical specifications Instrument Size (L x W x H) 165 x 178 x 46 mm (6.5 x 7 x 1.8 in.) Test format dimensions Flexible adaptation possible: ■ Dipstick: width 4-6 mm; length <60 mm ■ Cartridge: up to 100 x 45 x 10 mm (L x W x H) lUser interface Monochrome graphical LCD display (128 x 64 pixels). Power supply 1 00-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 24-12 VDC (car adapter) Connections 1 x USB Slave, 2 x Serial, plus optional Bluetooth® Memory capacity Up to 1 0 test methods and up to 100 test results Standalone (reader keypad) External 2D bar code or internal RFID for method update PC connected with dedicated end-user software Mobile device via app and Bluetooth

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Optics Optical system 2-channel confocal detector with LED excitation and photodiode Signal detection Colorimetric and fluorescence Fluorescence wavelengths 470/520 (e.g., fluorescein); 365/625 (e.g., europium); 625/680 excitation/emission (nm) (e.g., DyLight®) Other combinations available with particular wavelengths (e.g., excitation 365 to 660/ emission 460 to 720) Colorimetric detection Colloidal gold, colored latex beads, carbon, etc. Measurement time <35 seconds (for one wavelength channel, 20 mm area) Number of test strips 1 test strip Number of test lines per strip...

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