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ESEQuant LR3 Next-generation technology for point-of-need tests The ESEQuant LR3 is a highly sensitive, robust, and cost-effective fluorescence measurement system for rapid tests at the point of need. This flexible and reliable system, based on a ready-to-use concept, enables you to easily develop fluorescence or colorimetric tests. Starter kits are immediately available and can be rapidly adapted to various test strip or cassette formats. The powerful combination of fluorescence reader, state-of-the-art touchscreen, and comprehensive developer´s Lateral Flow Studio Software provides an easy-to-customize and easy-to-operate lateral flow system. Benefits of the ESEQuant Lateral Flow System: ■■ Small, standalone instrument ■■ Customizable system with short time-to-market ■■ Simplified data input via state-of-the-art touchscreen ■■ LIS and HIS connectivity for easy integration ■■ Compliance with regulatory requirements Short time-to-market Most importantly, you start your R&D work with a starter kit, which is a fully developed lateral flow system. This means that you save costs, speed up your R&D work, and shorten the time-to-market for your rapid tests. After the initial development phase, simply choose from a variety of options to make the tests easier and safer for your customers. When you have decided on the instrument configuration, we can easily customize the design of the graphical user interface (GUI) and housing according to your requirements. A complete technical documentation package for regulatory purposes is also available.

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Table 1. Technical specifications of the ESEQuant LR3 Feature Specifications Housing Customizable for different cassette formats Portable device weighing <2 kg (4.4 lb.) Small footprint of 230 x 200 x 100 mm (9.1 x 7.9 x 3.9 in.) Optics Colorimetric or fluorescence detection Internal calibration with standards Highly sensitive Electronics Interactive 17.8 cm (7 in.) touchscreen Battery powered Embedded PC Software Standalone operation Customizable GUI Preinstalled algorithms Connectivity LIS and HIS connectivity Ethernet and 4 USB ports Optional: WLAN and...

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Lateral Flow Studio Software — a new dimension in test development Lateral Flow Studio Software is a unique and comprehensive tool for the development of lateral flow tests in conjunction with the ESEQuant LR3. A wide range of options enables the test developer to easily and quickly develop a quantitative lateral flow test. This enables test manufacturers to: ■■ Save costs by using an all-in-one system ■■ Speed up the test development process ■■ Easily develop the next-generation lateral flow assay Figure 3. Comprehensive software gives you complete control. Acquisition of test data Lateral...

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Idea Problem Request Consultation/evaluation with key account manager Flexible options to meet your needs Starter kits provide a convenient starting point for development of your OEM business-to-business solution. During the development process, you simply choose from basic OEM customization or full OEM customization (see flowchart). / Basic OEM customization approximately 2 months Adaptation possible Customizable: ■ Detector (wavelengths) ■ Partially customized GUI ■ Accessories ■ Type plate \ Full OEM customization 3-4 months Final customization Customizable Basic OEM customization...

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