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The Retiga ELECTRO™: Designed for electrophysiology

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High performance imaging The Retiga ELECTRO™: Designed for electrophysiology for demanding science Great instruments don't create great science, but they are essential for telling the story. Qlmaging offers the right tool with the Retiga ELECTRO when that story is based on electrophysiology. The Retiga ELECTRO is a cooled 1.4MP camera with zero vibration so you can excel at the unique challenges of electrophysiology. The camera's advanced technical features were designed to enable the electrophysiologist careful electrode placement, without exogenous noise that pollute recordings. This is accomplished by coupling regulated fanless cooling, external grounding and FPGA-based intelligent features that correct defective pixels. The result is the only application-specific camera on the market driven to help you capture your best electrophysiology data. Inside the ELECTRO, Intelligent Quantification™ - on camera intelligence features, correct defective pixels. Fast 50 MHz pixel digitization increases camera frame rate to give you the speed you need to adhere electrodes to the right neuron. A great camera deserves great acquisition software - it's the way you interface with your data. Ocular™ is QImaging's new imaging platform and it's included with ELECTRO. The sofware is so easy, it will become your go-to capture program. Built around controls you are already know, it will be love at first click. Scientific cameras are the cornerstone of the highest performing imaging instruments in a lab. Through careful selection of image sensors and components, the ELECTRO will redefine your expectations for the imaging component of your electrophysiology rig. The camera may also be used for more routine fluorescence imaging applications. You will not find a more capable electrophysiology camera on the market for this price... Request a demo one today! imaging needs    solutions High Performance Low    ■ 75% peak QE combined with low Light Imaging    noise electronics reveals the weak signals missed by industrial cameras ■ Regulated sensor cooling delivers high quality images for precise electrode placement Designed for    ■ 50MHz two port readout delivers Electrophysiology    a high frame rate needed for electrophysiology ■ Fanless regulated cooling provides 100% vibration-free imaging ■ Integrated grounding connection for electrical isolation Flawless Images    ■ Intelligent Quantification provides advanced real-time FPGA algorithms to deliver better image quality ■ Defective Pixel Correction (DPC) corrects hot pixels for high quality images over difficult long exposures

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ccd sensor Sensor Type CCD Array Pixel Size Sensor Dimensions Peak Quantum Efficiency Full Well Capacity camera Digital Output Digitization Rate Read Noise (typical) Frame Rate Exposure Time Range Supported Binning Modes Dark Current Rate (typical) Sensor Cooling Intelligent Quantification Features nterfacing Computer Platforms/ Operating Systems Sony ICX-825 Scientific Interline CCD (Monochrome) 1360x 1024 6.45pm x 6.45pm 8.8mm x 6.6mm (11mm diagonal) 75% at 600nm >11,000e- single pixel 14-bit with 50MHz readout USB3: 50MHz high frame rate <5.5e- RMS with 50MHz readout 22 fps (full...

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