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MDH Ltd is becoming a leader with the largest share in portfolio of goods and services purchased by medical retailers in Poland. It is also an innovative supplier of noninvasive orthotic products and rehabilitation aids in Central and Eastern Europe. MDH Ltd business activities encompass manufacturing, import, export and distribution. We are the producer of diagnostic footwear, orthotic products and rehabilitation aids. MDH has the largest share in the portfolio of goods and services purchased by medical retailers in Poland. Owing to its consistency in strategy implementation MDH is...

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Our motto is „We move the world” which means not only help to disabled people but also our commitment and business activity focused on our customers. Professionalism is the key factor of our work. Our aim is to constantly improve production and selling processes so that we could provide our clients with solutions of highest quality. In 2010, our company received two Gold Emblems in The Best Quality International 2010 competition. The Gold Emblem program was conducted under the auspices of Ministry of Regional Development, Polish Forum ISO 9000 Club and the Polish Agency for Enterprise...

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At the moment, the offer comprises three product groups: 1. Soft orthotic products: upper-limb orthoses, lower-limb orthotics, spinal orthoses 2. Rehabilitation aids: power wheelchairs and scooters, manual wheelchairs, rollators, mattresses 3. Therapeutic products: diagnostic shoes for children, sleep pillows Vitea Care brand - rehabilitation aids designed for people with mobility disorders. Thanks to reliable quality and modern technical solutions Vitea Care improves comfort of life and helps to restore joy of everyday activities. The brand includes wheelchairs, walking aids, anti-bedsore...

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Cervical Collars Cervical braces are the orthopaedic collars which support and immobilize cervical spine. Useful in treatment of muscle disorders, degenerative disease of cervical spine.

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NT-BAC Collar Catalogue number: DRQAOB NT-BAC PLUS Collar Florida Type Catalogue number: DRQAOC PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS: • soft orthopaedic collar, • light-made of polyurethane foam, • one-piece structure, • fastened and regulated with hook-and-loop closure, • collar lining of anti-bacterial and anti-mycosis properties, • anatomically profiled, • colour: white, grey. Dysfunction of cervical area requiring relative immobilization; osteoarthritis; disc disease; other pain syndromes; follow-up treatment of bruises, twists, inflammation and strained musculoskeletal system of the cervical area....

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Upper Limb Orthoses This group comprises clavicular and shoulder orthosis, elbow supports, forearm wrist orthosis, hand orthosis. The braces are great help in further treatment and convalescence in case of shoulder, elbow or wrist injury.

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Orthopaedic vest Catalogue number: DRQC Catalogue number: QSM00020 - size S PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS: • brings arm to adducted position and into internal rotation, • holds the elbow at 90°-120° of flexion, • additional element to protect and relieve the hand, • reduces the time of wearing a cast, • fully adjustable, • structure is similar to a classic Dessault bandage, • made of exceptionally durable fabrics, provides maximum comfort of use, • colour: navy blue. Treatment; follow-up treatment of contusions and injuries of shoulder, shoulder girdle, arm and elbow joints requiring limb...

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E Catalogue number: DRQJOA Sling with stabilization strap PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS: • light, strong frame made of steel, with a lock to stabilise the shoulder at an • frame covered with soft lining made of breathable fabric for optimal comfort of use, • adjustable system of stabilizing straps allows ideal fitting to any anthropometric • straps ensure stabilization of the abducted limb, evenly distribute its weight, prevent strain on the opposite shoulder and the cervical spine. Treatment after shoulder dislocation; plasty or injury to the rotor cone; arthroscopy of the shoulder joint;...

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Catalogue number: DRQGOA PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS: • soft sling made of polypropylene non-woven fabric, • supports elbow, forearm, hand, • wide and long carrying strap with hook-and-loop closure ensures proper distribution of limb weight and quick sling adjustment, • colour: black. Dysfunctions and injuries which require support, stabilization or movement limitation of upper limb and shoulder girdle; pain syndromes, inflammation and injuries of soft tissue; support for orthopaedic cast; preventive treatment of shoulder and humeral joint dislocation in paralysis and paresis. TO MAKE YOUR LIFE...

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Elbow joint orthosis PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS: • designed for forearm and shoulder, • single ROM hinge for controlled motion (adjustment every 10 °), • additional carrying strap for better relief and limb support, • length and circumference adjustment, • two versions: left and right, • colour: grey. Treatment, curing and rehabilitation of injuries to joint structures which require limitation of pronation and supination of the forearm and controlled motion. Silver Line to make your life easier PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS: • wrist support made of modern, multidirectionally flexible, breathable, 3D...

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€ Wrist stabilizing brace Wrist and thumb support Catalogue number: DRQFOB PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS: • made of multidirectionally flexible, breathable knitted fabrics, • provides wrist compression and improves stability, reduces pain and prevents swelling, • silicone pad protects the most vulnerable parts of the wrist, • the orthosis structure enables full range of thumb movement, • one, universal model for left an right limb. Wrist dysfunctions and injuries: sprains, strains, overloads; inflammation, degenerative changes, prevention of wrist overload, pain syndromes of various etiology,...

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