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Qmobility Pty Ltd is an Australia based, innovative mobility & rehabilitation equipment provider. With a manufacturing foundation of almost 20 years, Qmobility thrives on research & development technologies, enabling unprecedented strengths as both a manufacturer and distributor. As a growing player in the mobility equipment industry in Asia-Pacific, we build on our intelligent, in-house engineering to continuously offer quality innovation for our end users. Our goal is to continually provide innovative and superior functional designs of mobility and rehabilitation equipment, designed to...

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Exhibitions Past: Gyounggi Daegu Busan Seoul Guangzhou, China Upcoming: Sydney, Australia Assistive Technology Suppliers Australasia (ATSA), Living Expo 2015 Mass Media Able News Aving News Busan MBC News MTN “Life U” KBS News Leaders Rehab Centre Renovating Magazine (Australia), Issue 96, Jan-Feb-Mar Quarter 2015

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Lift Chair Product Description & Usage Sit-to-Stand: For people who are able to walk once assisted to a standing position i.e. sit-to-stand transfers. Sitting: For people who have difficulty moving on/off a wheelchair: the height adjustments allow for easy transfer between seated positions (chairs, bed, couch with differing heights). Everyday assistance: Simple height adjustments ensure safe, seated transfers (matching height proximity to most indoor furniture e.g. bathroom seat transfers). Workplace: Adjustable height for optimal posture suited to a variety of work needs. Extra safety:...

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Transfer Lift The QTransfer Lift is based on an innovative “zero-lifting” design, uniquely offering a safer and more comfortable alternative to all currently available patient lifters and hoists. As a one-piece utility (not requiring separate sling supports) the QTransfer Lift offers practicality as an all-in-one device, allowing carers to perform numerous transfer functions: seamless seated transfers from wheelchair to bed, bathroom, couch etc. and vice versa. Zero lifting is required from carers hence significantly reducing back strain, enabling a faster, safer and less stressful...

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Chest Rest Torso Support Remote control Knee Rest Wheels with Brakes Safe operating load Steel, Polyester

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Length adjustment holes Safe Load Rubber tips

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Cane Double Structure Reflective stickers Double Structure The QCane is an innovative walking aid, with an integrated hand-grip and forearm brace/support, offering exceptional stability to seniors and users requiring greater support from a walking stick. The uniquely curved and height adjustable design of the QCane allows users—in particular users suffering from arthritic wrists—the option to shift their body weight away from their wrists and spread it evenly to their forearm for greater stability and control. The QCane can be used by either hand, or as a pair similar to elbow crutches but...

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Body Support The QBody Support is a safety belt / harness, attachable to most seats and wheelchairs, suitable for various users: the elderly suffering from dementia, rehabilitating patients and users with limited mobility requiring extra support and balance. The QBody Support can be positioned to provide comfort, optimal back support, ensuring balance and stability to suit each user’s needs. The QBody Support can be easily installed to seats and wheelchairs, with durable loops for securing over wheelchair handles. The heavy-duty clasp ensures secure positioning and is easy to clasp on and...

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Knee Immobiliser with Detachable Patella Strap Prior to use, it is important to ascertain the correct size suitable for user’s knee length. For accurate and safe application, the QKnee Immobiliser should fit on the leg 2”-3” (5.08cm-7.62cm) above the lateral malleolus, and 6”-8” (15.24cm-20.32cm) below the femoral head. 1. Unwrap and position the QKnee Immobiliser on the leg, so that the contoured interiors are running down vertically. 3. Tighten straps to ensure secure and comfortable fit. Patellar Strap 2. Secure alternating loop and lock straps. 4. Attach optional patella strap to help...

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Toilet Seat Grab Bar The QToilet Seat Grab Bar is a unique modification to conventional grab bars, allowing easy adjustment to most toilet bowl measurements and provides quality support and safety for users. The product is also powder-coated to ensure a safe, anti-slip hold for every user. Material Configuration Colour Size (L x W x H) Safe operating load Stainless steel pipes, Silicone tubing, Silicone gab Aluminium plate, reflective stickers Body plate, Silicone pad Silver and white

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e portable ramp easily fits to sliding doors, thresholds, raised 1 The lightweight, durable QRamps can be easily installed to enable smooth and safe entry / exits from buildings.

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Ramps Portable carry bag Product Description & Usage The QRamps are designed for scooters, manual and motorised wheelchair users to gain access where elevated areas may impede mobility. The lightweight, durable threshold ramps can be easily installed to enable smooth and safe entry/exit from buildings. The Ramp is portable, and can be used with sliding doors, thresholds and other raised landings. Key Features The body Portable Bag Non-Slip Rubber Pad Safety Precautions Prior to use, please measure the height of the elevated landing to ensure the correctly sized ramp is used. QRamps come in...

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Installation method Remove nut from the wheel bolt. Remove the wheels from the wheelchair body. Insert EZGO (wheelchair Lever) on to the bolt, between the wheelchair body and the wheel. Fasten the nut back on to the bolt. Operating method Grab the EZGO handles softly. Press down and push the handle forward to propel Repeat the above action continuously to keep moving forward. Press down on the EZGO handle to brake. Turn left or right by using the corresponding handle to move forward with the other handle in the brake Press down and pull back the handle to move Practise the same actions...

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Grab bar The QGrab Bars provides an ideal choice for retrofitting in both interiors and exteriors of residences: in bedrooms, against the wall near chairs, in the bathroom and kitchen; near front and back doors and property-entrances; as well as on porches, balconies etc. Semi-Hammonton Powder Coating The range comes in a variety of colour choices, lengths and textures, are very flexible in application and will blend well with different décor schemes (timber, tile, industrial, commercial, residential etc.). The entire QGrab Bar range is also powder coated with a matte finish for an...

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