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arm cast cover

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How to measure Measure around your limb 4cm above the Limb Protectors How to order Waterproof covers for wound dressings Choose your length. Check your measurement. Find your order code. For example: Adult, Medium length, Arm Size apperture 30 - 40cm = MA/M/40 Adult | Child | Baby Gently stretch open the seal. Slip your buddy® over your hand and pull up gently. Pull the corners down slightly creating a smooth seal approx 1cm around your arm. Re-usable Fits like a glove For swimming and bathing: Pull the seal gently to release the air as your lower your limb into the water, repeat step 2. You are now ready to submerge your limb! Soft & Flexible Light & Comfortable Latex Free

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How to order: Choose your length. Check your measurement. Find your order code Fingers, hand & Wrist Limb Circumference Below elbow Limb Circumference Below Elbow Limb Circumference Limb Circumference Limb Circumference isolated wound & Limb Circumference Isolated wound & PICC Line Limb Circumference Baby Full Arm Double Aperture Limb Circumference CONTACT US - DELIVERY 1-2 WORKING DAYS O* Avoid sharp objects whilst wearing/handling your buddy® • Children should be supervised at all times. This product is not a toy * Do NOT use bleach to clean - rinse and leave to dry naturally or pat dry...

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