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Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Grouc INSPECTION MACHINE

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CES Capsule Inspection Machine - 2

We have been providing users with Hard Capsules with excellent quality to comply with their needs and satisfaction. We have recently developed Inspection Machine combining computer image processing technique and CCD line sensor camera to capsule rectification-transfer mechanism which has already obtained high appreciation for Capsule Filling Machine and Sealing Machine that can cope with unmanned operation. This is small type of machine and makes it possible to systematize with filling machine and has established quality assurance system to match unmanned production line and cGMP and...

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CES Capsule Inspection Machine - 3

Rectification of capsules is made by many lines rotary rectification equipment. By rectifying, inspection accuracy and high speed image processing has become possible, which is superior in stability and reliability. Capsules rectified are transferred to inspection drum which turns intermittently at high speed. By parallel lighting with two line type fiber lights based on halogen source of light and using three CCD line sensor cameras with 2048 PEL, high accurate and reliable inspection without dead angle can be made. During slight stop of inspection drum, make capsules turn 2.2 revolutions...

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CES Capsule Inspection Machine - 4

O Discharge of defective capsules Defective capsules are discharged from inspection drum turning intermittently by pressed air. As discharge is made at stopping of intermittent turning in 0.2 seconds by one circle, defective capsules can only be discharged exactly. Graphic panel is equipped as standard and current operation and inspection can be checked by camera, row at real time. O Discharge of good quality capsules Good quality capsules of which inspection has been finished can only be discharged from inspection drum. Connection with collecting container becomes possible, and at the same...

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CES Capsule Inspection Machine - 5

Inspection method O Three cameras inspect nine capsules in one row. © Camera can scan about 500 times at high speed and inputs their images as information. © As capsules are rectified and then inspected, judgement level can be set up regardless of color difference of cap and body and imprinted capsules. And no extra equipment and operation is needed for circumferentially imprinted capsules and rectified imprinted capsules, and high inspection accuracy is © Capsules are inspected by being divided into eight to long diameterwise. This block can be set up in optional width and as judgement...

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