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F-40 Fully-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group Full-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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Full-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Qualicaps is a world-class manufacturer of both empty two-piece capsules and related encapsulation equipment-specializing in fully-automatic, high-speed capsule filling machinery. All equipment features a patented rotary rectification system, innovative dosing design geared towards maximizing output and filling accuracy, and the flexibility to handle various dosage forms. © Oil Level sensors [Option] © Elimination of Unseparated Capsules © Sensor for capsule presence [Opaque / Transparent] ® Product Discharge Chute [Sorting out non-filled capsules] •...

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O Rectification and Transportation of Capsules Qualicaps developed its unique capsule rotary rectification system that has been patented in 10 countries around the world. During rectification, no external pressures are applied to the capsules. This eliminates potential capsule defects such as deformation, and scratches and peeling of the imprinted logo. After cleaning, highly accurate positioning pins are used to easily realign both the cap and body disc. thereby shortening the time for reassembly. The cap and body cavities are manufactured to rigid specifications to minimize any effects...

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Feed and Filling of Drug Substances • Powder Filling • Mechanical Vibration filling Method This dosing method is able to fill a wide variety of powders by using mechanical vibration to transfer the product into the capsules. A level sensor located in the powder supply chute maintains a stable powder layer that fills directly into the capsule body. The accuracy of the filled powder is improved by use of a spring plunger to remove air from the powder and provide equal density. The plunger strength is adjustable to adapt to various filling • Compressed filling method This filling method...

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Granule Filling Granules are measured and dispensed by use of an upper and lower measuring box utilizing an upper and lower shutter system. Individual two-layer granule filling can be provided by use • Tablet Filling Qualicaps can provide tablet filling for a variety of tablets by exclusively designing a unit for your application. For acceptable customer specifications, methods for filling mini-tabs, fast-dissolving, sustained-release, tablets, or combinations of the Joining is achieved by using pusher pins to raise the capsule body upwards from the body disc into the capsule cap, which is...

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• Dimensions: 775 mm Width x 685 mm Depth x 1845 mm Height (Excluding a hopper) • Production capacity: 40,000 capsules/hour • Capsule to be filled: Hard capsule size: 00. 0. 1, 2. 3. 4, 5 Power source: 3 phase 200 - 220 V, 50/60 Hz, 2.1 kVA Vacuum: 20 kPa (2000 mmHzO. 150 mmHg. 200 mbar, 2.9 psi). 4.5 mVmin (4500 L/min) Compressed air: 0.5 MPa (5 kgf/cm2G. 72.5 psi). 0.3 mVmin (300 L/min) • Options: 1. Automatic weight control system with capsule joined length Measuring device 2. Capsule weight inspection machine Filling Mechanism o Mechanical Vibration Filling Method Vibration Filling...

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Granule Sub-Hopper (Shaking) (Upper Shutter Open, Lower Shutter Closed) (Upper Shutter Open, Lower Shutter Closed) Body Disc, Substation Roller Capsule Body

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GLOBAL NETWORK Capsules • Equipment • Technology

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