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F-80 Fully-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Grouc Full-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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Full-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Qualicaps has been supplying customers with high quality hard capsules that always satisfy customers' needs. Utilizing such accumulated technologies and experiences, we have recently developed the newly designed-and fabricated- F-80, Full-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine. Filling unit The machine can be separated into two units which are a capsule transfer unit and a filling unit. This separation of the unit provides easy access and less time consumed for product changeover by simply switching a powder filling unit or a liquid/granule filling unit and...

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O Rectification of capsule direction (Newly adopted device) Capsule rotary rectification system developed Qualicaps has been patented in 10 countries. This rectification system provides smooth capsule transportation at a high- speed operation and visual check of operation as well, preventing capsule rectification error, scratch, peel of Liquid filling Circulate warm water in a hopper jacket and maintain the temperature of liquid materials. Tentative tem- This liquid filling unit applies to a wide variety of oil liquid materials such as a high viscosity paste and a wax-type product which...

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Cavity for cap and body is designed based on our know- how of hard capsule manufacturer so that "Telescoped" and "Dent" will not be generated during operation. The cap disc which needs high accurate design is mono-frame type and can be separated and divided for easy size Capsule joining pusher is designed not to occur long joined capsules which may be caused by compressed air inside capsules at joining by joining with two stage motion 0 Adjustment of filling weight Liquid filling Adjust volume to cylinder by changing stroke of piston with an adjusting handle. Slight adjustment is easily...

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O Capsules in a hopper are continuously rectified with passing through the feed drum and rectifier roller — and then intermittently fed into the cap disc by transfer plate. By adopting specific mechanism, capsules in the hopper are dropped in all the cavities in feed drum and capsule supply shortage will not happen. © Capsules positioned in a cap disc are saparated into cap and body by vacuum. After separation, capsule body is set in a body segment. © Defective capsules such as unseparated capsules and double caps are automatically eliminated during operation to avoid mixing empty capsules...

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Filling Mechanism Liquid Filling Granule Filling Filling Materials Sub Hopper & Upper Shutter Upper Measure Lower Measure Lower Shutter Capsule Body Body Segment

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Powder Filling Powder Hopper Powder Supply Feeder Powder Stiming Agitator Level Sensor_ Moulding Plate Rotation Body Segment Powder Moulding Plate _Bottom Plate Powder Recovery Hopper Weight Adjust Pusher 1 st Sub-Hopper Gate of Scraped Powder Moulded Powder Transfer Rod Direction of Body Segment Rotation Powders Entered During the Moulding Plate Move -Assist Pusher Body Segment Capsule Body Moulded Powder (Suction of Filling Powders) Moulded Powder)

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