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F-Labo Fully-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group Full-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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Full-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Qualicaps Co. provides domestic and foreign users with high quality hard gelatin capsules, PEG capsules, and HPMC capsules. Our high-speed fully-automatic capsule filling machine developed by Qualicaps has attained high reputation domestically and internationally, so we developed F-series for laboratory for study of drug formulation and manufacturing investigational new drugs. This filling machine enables filling of drugs of every dosage form and multilayer filling. It can fill all the samples for studying drug formulation such as powder, 3-layer...

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Features Rectification and Transportation of Capsule This filler is patented in 10 countries worldwide, and is adopted for all the equipment we developed and attains high reputation. The filler consists of a Rectifier with excellent accuracy of division, cap bushing, and body bushing, and it can be disassembled/assembled easily and precisely with the positioning pin. Separation of capsules Each capsule body is seated in the body disc by a vacuum shoe equipped with an O-ring. This O-ring serves as a shock-absorber preventing cracking of the capsule shoulders as it is placed in the bottom of...

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Powder filling (layer 1 filling section) This filler adopts the die-compress method, a general filling method, which enables filling capsules with minute quantities of drugs. The pressure shaped slag powder on the weight control disk is filled in capsule bodies after pushing up the shaped slag powder from beneath, scraping excessive powder away, and controlling the weight. Granule filling The filler adopts the 2-layer filling unit as an individually controllable mechanism by incorporating a volume-controllable square between the upper and lower shutters. It enables multi-layer filling of...

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Replacement of filling unit ( layer 1 filling section ) The filling unit on two rails can be removed easily by loosening the fixing bolts and pulling the unit out. Changing of the size or overhaul cleaning can be performed more easily by moving the filling unit to a distant position. Joining The filler pushes up a capsule body with the joining pusher and houses it in the joining block, and then pushes up the body and the block synchronously to connect a cap to the body. Each cavity dimension is determined based on the know-how we have accumulated as a hard capsule manufacturer for past many...

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Romania Japan GLOBAL NETWORK Qualicaps Co., Ltd. 321-5 Ikezawacho,Yamatokoriyama Nara, 639-1032 Japan Phone: 81-743-57-8920 FAX : 81-743-56-5113 www.qualicaps.co.jp/en

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