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Q-plus Series

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Taking care of people, our masterpieces Q-Plus EVO Q-Switched Laser Platform Tailored to Your Needs This brochure is not intended for the U.S. market. Certain Intended Uses/Configurations/Models/Accessories are not cleared for U.S.

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Q-SWITCHED LASER PLATFORM TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS Q-Plus EVO is based on a powerful Q-Switched laser technology that ensures a great versatility in clinical applications. Q-Plus EVO includes different Q-Switched lasers which interact photo-acoustically with the tissues, IPL and Pulsed Lasers that act in a Photo-Thermal way. These exclusive combinations make this system unique and capable of treating multi-color tattoos and benign pigmented lesions without using the unefficient and consumables dye handpieces really common in other systems. It is also used for permanent hair reduction,...

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FLAT TOP OPTIBEAM II TECHNOLOGY The laser beam profile must be as much homogeneous as possible, otherwise longer healing time and side effects can occur. The extremely high laser peak power of these devices (more than 160 MW) is delivered on the skin without any “hot points” in the spot size. OPTIBEAM II' handpieces assure aflat top beam profile due to its advanced optical technology, able to distribute the laser power homogeneously all over the spot size. The OPTIBEAM II' has squared, rounded and fractionated beam profiles. These handpieces are all not convergent to maximize the delivery...

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RESULTS BEFORE / AFTER TATTOO REMOVAL Courtesy Second Skin-Laser Tattoo Removal TATTOO REMOVAL Courtesy Second Skin-Laser Tattoo Removal Courtesy Paolo Sbano MD TATTOO REMOVAL Courtesy Second Skin-Laser Tattoo Removal TATTOO REMOVAL Courtesy Second Skin-Laser Tattoo Removal Courtesy Cheng Jumping MD

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TWAIN CONNECTOR Q-Plus EVO, through the special Twain universal connector, can be equipped with Twain 2940 and Twain IPL handpieces. Nd:YAG 1320 Optional for Q-Plus Star 1. It is a Nd:YAG @ 1320 nm, very effective for non-ablative skin rejuvenation and for scars treatments. Twain 2940 is a laser handpiece that fits to the Twain universal connector present on the Quanta System laser platforms. It has been designed to perform ablation procedures, both fractional and homogeneous. The Er:YAG laser @ 2940 nm is able, through the variation of pulse parameters, to remove the layers of skin with...

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(1) Nd:YAG 1320 option available for New Q-Plus Star 1 (2) Round handpieces are available on request (3) With square shaped handpieces VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE LASER RADIATION Avoid eye skin exposure to direct or scattered radiation Laser product: Class 4 Aiming beam: Class 3R Note: National local authorities may put restrictions to the parameters indicated in the above table, or may limit or remove certain intended uses. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Quanta System products are manufactured according to the International standards and have been cleared by the most...

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