Molecular diagnostics of respiratory pathogens - 4 Pages

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Molecular diagnostics of respiratory pathogens

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Molecular diagnostics of respiratory pathogens Rapid and reliable detection by real-time PCR • IDA®GENE Flu / RIDA®GENE Flu LC2.0 R • RIDA®GENE Flu & RSV • IDA®GENE RSV & hMPV R • IDA®GENE Mycoplasma pneumoniae R • IDA®GENE Pneumocystis jirovecii R • IDA®GENE Parainfluenza R • IDA®GENE Adenovirus R • IDA®GENE Bordetella R • IDA®GENE Legionella R

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Respiratory infections – peak season all year around Respiratory infections are believed to be one of the main reasons why people seek medical support and treatment. Whereas mainly viruses lead to respiratory infections, also bacteria and fungi can cause infections of the respiratory tract. To contain spreading of those, most of the time, highly contagious infections, fast diagnosis is essential. The RIDA®GENE real-time PCR assays offer a reliable and efficient method for the detection of a broad variety of respiratory pathogens with results in less than 3 hours. An included extraction...

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r-biopharm \Leqionella\are pathogenic bacteria with over 40 species. Legionella pneumophila primarily causes Legionnaire's disease and Legionella lonqbeachae results in Pontiac fever. Legionnaire's disease is an acute respiratory infection which is caused by L. pneumophila in 90 % of cases. In the US, the mortality rate of hospital-acquired Legionella infections is between 15 - 20 %. \Pneumocystis jirovecii (former P. carinii) causes pneumonia and is the most common opportunistic illness in people with an HIV infection. It leads to 100 % mortality in patients without treatment and the...

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r-biopharm Ordering Information Product For detailed information on respiratory pathogens follow us R-Biopharm AG • An der neuen BergstraSe 17, 64297 Darmstadt, Germany • E-mail: •

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