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Pancreatic elastase ELISA

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BIOSERV DIAGNOSTICS r-biophQmrf Pancreatic elastase ELISA Marker for exocrine activity of the pancreas • Quantitative determination of human pancreatic elastase in feces • Easy and non-invasive diagnosis of pancreatic insufficiency • Validated also for use on automatic 4-plate ELISA systems (e.g. DSX™) • Accessories: Stool collection tubes for fast, easy and clean sample collection R-Biopharm - for reliable diagnostics.

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Pancreatic elastase is an enzyme which is specific to the pancreas and stays active while passing through the gut. Stool takes up pancreatic elastase which has been excreted by the pancreas for digesting food. The amount of pancreatic elastase in stool is an indicator for the exocrine function of the pancreas.[1] Diabetes mellitus It has been shown in several publications that about 50 % of type 1 diabetics and about 33 % Mucoviscidosis/Cystic fibrosis About 75 - 80 % of mucoviscidosis patients show a decrease of pancreas excretion. For the physician who takes care of patients with cystic...

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Performance dataReference value Normal exocrine pancreatic function Two clinically significant levels near medical decision limits, i.e. 100 gg/g and 200 gg/g were tested three times in the same run and in 2 different runs each day for 20 days. In order to determine the coefficient of interassay variation one strip each (8 wells) of 12 kits of 6 different batches (produced on different days) were used.

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r-biophQrnrf R-Biopharm Gastroenterology - diagnostics at a glance For further details and information visit our website or Clinical Sales International. , contact your local distributor Enzyme immunoassays E-mail: E-mail: R-Biopharm AG • An der neuen BergstraSe 17, 64297 Darmstadt, Germany • E-mail: •

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