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Patient Dose Calibrator PDC Quick and Easy Calibration - of Installed DAP (KAP) and Patient Dose Systems TRACEABLE MEASUREMENTS - The PDC is a reference class instrument for "field calibration" of patient dose measurement and control systems thus ensuring the validity of inter-institution patient dose comparisons. FLEXIBLE AND CONVENIENT - Use the PDC with a phantom to simulate patient imaging conditions including scattered radiation or mount the PDC on its support stand to measure air Kerma. dose rate during an exposure then automatically switches to display accumulated DAP (KAP) and dose DEPENDABLE - A tough ABS plastic housing protects the ion chambers and electronics that incorporate several patented features to ensure long term stability. | Radcal - Patient Dose Calibrator (Vei File Setup Zoom Spreadsheet Help ^ THE GOLD STANDARD IN RADIATION MEASUREMENT ^ 426 West Duarte Road Monrovia, CA 91016 USA T: (626) 357-7921 F: (626) 357-8863 www.radcal.com © 2009

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Complete DAP meter assessment: Symmetrical Response: Patient Dose System assessment: 1. Dose/DAP Air Kerma Calibration: 2. Entrance (skin) Dose / DAP Calibration and QA: 3. Image Receptor Dose/ DAP Calibration and QA: Optional Remote Control Software: ^ Measures DAP, DAP-rate over a full range of field sizes and beam qualities Can be used with under-couch tubes without the need for inversion Measure Dose and Dose-rate Measure DAP and dose linearity with dose and field size Surface dose calibration with phantom and establish reference DAP and dose levels Verify Image Receptor dose...

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