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Full Featured Ion Chamber and Solid-State Measurement System

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Full Featured Ion Chamber and Solid-State Measurement System The Accu-Gold+ is Radcal’s flagship product offering support for it’s entire sensor suite and advanced diagnostic functionality. Systems Solutions The Accu-Gold+ provides a tailored solution to your individual diagnostic measurement needs when paired with: • Radcal’s broad selection of industry leading sensors • user friendly display that facilitates recording and reporting of results quickly and easily • carry case to transport your custom solution securely and conveniently Sensor Selection The Accu-Gold+ supports Radcal’s full line of Ion Chambers, Solid-state Dose Diodes, and Solid-state Multisensors featuring the most accurate and compact stacked sensor design available. Software and Display Technology Radcal offers a number of display options including a compact tablet, a full-size tablet with keyboard, or you can use your own computer for a fully integrated and economical solution. In each case, the Accu-Gold and Accu-Gold Excel software provides a rich, user friendly, and automated environment in which to record, view, and archive your measurements. Functionality The Accu-Gold+ provides a comprehensive set of parameters including Dose, Dose Rate, Waveform, Exposure time, kV, HVL, Filtration, mA, Light measurement, and more. Modalities The Accu-Gold+ is well suited for Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, CT, and Dental applications. Unparalleled Accuracy, Experience, Versatility 426 West Duarte Road Monrovia, CA 91016 USA T: (626) 357-7921 F: (626) 357-8863 THE GOLD STANDARD IN RADIATION MEASUREMENT

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ACCU-GOLD+ FEATURES, BENEFITS AND SENSORS: KEY FEATURES Solid State and Ion chamber sensors Multiple solutions for your measurement needs, no compromising Simultaneous measurements Up to 16 user selectable parameters viewable from each measurement Customizable view screens Create data display profile either before or after the exposure Plug and Play sensors Truly Interchangeable Accu-Gold+ Multisensors with other Rapid-Gold+ and Accu-Gold+ meters Real time waveforms Real time simultaneous dose rate, kV, and mA waveforms Data recall Entire measurement sessions can be quickly recalled and...

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