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VacuDAP Dose-/Dose Area Product Measuring System VacuDAP duo Two-field measuring systems “duo” for simultaneous measurement of DAP, DAP rate, air kerma, air kerma rate and irradiation time. VacuDAP duo and VacuDAP Bluetooth® duo with display unit • VacuDAP duo and VacuDAP Bluetooth® duo measuring chambers • Display unit Dose/DAP upper display line: accumulated dose lower display line: dose rate during irradiation, accumulated DAP after irradiation • The display unit Dose/DAP is available as a Bluetooth version as well. • The measuring chamber VacuDAP Bluetooth® duo, shown in the picture above, is presented with the universal adjustable mounting rails attached. THE GOLD STANDARD IN RADIATION MEASUREMENT 426 West Duarte Road Monrovia, CA 91016 USA T: (626) 357-7921 F: (626) 357-8863 www.radcal.

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VACUDAP FEATURES AND BENEFITS: The Measuring System The modular VacuDAP dose-/dose area product measuring system offers various ionization chambers and configurations for almost all medical diagnostic X-ray equipment in radiography, fluoroscopy, dental applications or whole body scanners. All complete systems have a serial interface RS 232 on the display unit for connecting a printer or transmitting data to a workstation or RIS. The VacuDAP Systems are used for simultaneous DAP (dose area product) and DAP rate measurements according to IEC 60580. The VacuDAP duo systems additionally...

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