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RADIATION THERAPY PHANTOM Radiation Therapy The Alderson Radiation Therapy phantom (ART) and its earlier version, the Alderson RANDO phantom, have been in use for over 30 years. The ART has been refined and improved in both design and materials. These phantoms are indispensable quality-assurance tools; about 2,000 are in use all over the world. They provide integrated tests of the entire chain of treatment ART phantoms are molded of tissue-equivalent material; they are designed within highly sophisticated technological constraints and follow ICRU-44 standards. They are also designed for accuracy and ease of use. tall, 73.5 kg (162 lb.) male, and the female ART into 2.5 cm thick slices. Each slice has holes which are plugged with bone-equivalent, soft-tissue-equivalent or lung tissue-equivalent pins which can be replaced by TLD holder pins. The holder pins are ordered separately. Soft-tissue-equivalent coatings produce slices with glass-smooth interfaces. These coatings are cut away over the air spaces of the oronasal pharynges, trachea and stem bronchi.

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Dosimetry holes are drilled in grids 3 cm x 3 cm or afford detailed measurements of dose distributions. BREAST ATTACHMENTS_ There is poor correlation between clothing brassiere sizes and breast volumes. Breasts are specified according to this table: Volume Approximate Clothing Size Breasts are available in various sizes. They can be sliced in frontal planes (drilled or undrilled for film dosimetry). Slices can receive any of the pins listed below. Breasts of male and female ART phantoms are countoured to blend realistically with the thoraxes. They are attached to the thorax with nylon...

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Phantoms arc shipped with all dosimetry holes filled with hlank pins. Pins for TLD chips have recesses at one end 3.2 x.3.2 x 0.9 mm. Pins for TLD rods have 1 mm-diameter holes cross-drilled at the centers of the pins. All pins are 2.50 cm long unless otherwise specified. Blank Pins - 5 mm diameter Blank Pins - 7 mm diameter 5 mm diameter pins to hold ART-12 7 mm diameter pins to hold ART-15 5 mm diameter pins to hold ART-10 S = Soft Tissue Equivalent L - Lung Tissue Equivalent B = Bone Tissue Equivalent ART phantom slices are held between aluminum plates by nylon tie rods. Knobs at the...

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Female ART Head and Neck Female ART Pelvis Phantom Female Breast Attachments BREAST ATTACHMENTS GRID HOLE SPACING* Male Breasts- Female Breasts- Hole Grid Hole Size Side - Left, right or pair Male Breast-400 ml- sliced- 3x3 grid- 7 mm diameter-pair RADIOLOGY SUPPORT DEVICES INC. Radiology Support Devices Inc., 1904 E. Dorainguez St., Long Beach, CA 90810 310-518-0527 800-221-0527 Fax 310-518-0806

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