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ALDERSON PHANTOMS HEAD PHANTOMS QUALITY ASSURANCE PHANTOM • 3-dimensional high-contrast vascular pattern • Tissue equivalent materials • Stepwedge and resolution test patterns Alderson ANGIOGRAPHIC HEAD PHANTOMS bridge the anatomical information requirements. Molded in tissue- equivalent material, an accurate male skull contains a 3- dimensional, high-contrast vascular simulation to facilitate angiographic image quality with resolution and contrast under the same exposure conditions. Each ANGIOGRAPHIC HEAD PHANTOM contains a 5- step wedge. A 2-10 line pair/mm test pattern is optional. Other patterns or test objects and custom pathologies are available

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ensure that it is operating details before subjecting patients imaging system malfunctions, the phantom also plays a critically important role in isolating and HEAD PHANTOM confines the service and teaching tool. Unique RSD soft-tissue equiva- lent material is used for the skin tissue and neck and is adjusted to brain density in the cranium. This material closely duplicates brain tissues in radio-absorptive and scatter properties. The phan- vascular pattern is placed in the median plane. The pattern closely resembles an internal carotid arteriogram in its early phase. The pattern has been...

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