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The Lawrence Livermore Realis- tic Phantom was developed under ment of Energy, primarily as a reference standard for the in-vivo counting of emissions from low- energy transuranic nuclides. lungs, liver and lymph nodes. Each of these may he radioactive or inert. These organs are accom- modated in a male thorax gener- ally similar to average adult males. contains a synthetic hone skel- eton molded within a soft-tissue- equivalent material. The organs are located in an internal cavity with a separate torso cover that closes the phantom. Anterior sections of rihs and the sternum arc molded...

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partially modeled after the Lawrence Livermorc Realistic nuclear power stations and other facilities where more organs are needed than are provided by the Lawrence Livermore Realistic This phantom may be used standing. It includes the head and neck, the complete torso and stub legs articulated at the hips (which are also needed for the sitting position). The same access to the torso cavity is skeleton has been extended to include the head and full torso. Skeleton," which is multi- energetic, is used. RSD materials closely meet the standards of the Measurements (ICRU) Report Livermore...

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Model Number Realistic Phantom System, includes: Torso and gridded torso cover, inert heart, lungs, lymph nodes, liver and liver envelope or abdominal contents. All blocks needed for organ location and soft- tissue continuity within torso. Documentation. Permanent shipping and storage case. Livermore Organs Thyroid Phantom without Head; consists of neck, hollow thyroid, thyroid cover, a portion of the cervical spine, RS-545 Thyroid Phantom with Head; (same as RS-542 but with Head and full cervical spine) RS-543A Thyroid, solid, active RS-543S Thyroid, hollow, inert Chest Overlay Plates...

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