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LUNG/CHEST PHANTOMS THE NEXT BEST THING • Extensive Vascular Detail • Different Degrees of Vascular Contrast Available • Interchangeable Normal and Pathological Lungs • Lung Wrap-Around Pathology Overlays No added contrast Low Contrast High Contrast

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with the University of Cali- fornia at Irvine's Department Alderson Lung/Chest Phan- providing a high degree of realism in chest radiography. Phantom extends from the neck to below the diaphragm. It is molded about a male the external body size of a patient, 5 foot, 9 inches (175 equivalent to natural bone Animal lungs are selected to match the size of an adult male. Lungs are fixed in the inflated state and are molded injected with a blood- equivalent plastic. with simulated left coronary artery reveals several areas of coronary artery irregularity pathological conditions, five...

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