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Innovative Adjustment System The new 2-point adjustment system guarantees the highest measurement accuracy and it also minimizes linearity errors, providing reliable results over the entire weighing range. Second to None Measurement Accuracy The newest Tegra series processor and original solutions designed to enable adjusting filters to environmental conditions ensure excellent working conditions repeatability and quick result stabilization New Data Management Experience Memory expandale up to 32 GB allows recording measurement data in a form of complex reports and graphs presenting...

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Optimization of Operation in a Laboratory “Adjustment Accuracy for Any Conditions time(s) Automatic adjustment is a warrant for accuracy of each weighing process. It is carried out at specified time intervals or upon temperature variation. A sheer novelty here is a schedule function. With it you can plan when to adjust your device, specify adjustment type (internal, external) and determine by means of which mass standard the adjustment is to be carried out. Date Time Balance type Balance ID User Level status Difference Temperature Signature Innovative 2-point adjustment system has been...

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Yes for Speed and Accuracy No for Compromise 4Y balances with a new powerful processor redefine the speed of operation. Needless to say, the processor delivers noticeable performance improvements including faster operation and shorter stabilization time retaining high repeatability values. Weighing chamber opening time takes just 1 second, whereas weighing operation takes less than 5 seconds. For measurements with readability of 0.1 mg you need just about 2.2 seconds! Time taken to reach stable weighing result 4.5 s An exemplary dual range balance d = 0.01 mg d = 0.1 mg Movable Weighing...

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Databases As Support for the Weighing Process 4Y balances offer unlimited databases management options, plus they enable record of advanced reports and graphs carried out for series of weighings. Option of databases import and management as well as their copying and archiving. Video-Guidance And an On-screen Manuals guidance, i.e. direct assistance in operating the device. With comes to operation of particular functions and applications. The help is offered in a form of an on-screen displayed user AutoLevel an On-line Control of Balance Level Each sample requires level control for every...

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Proximity Sensors Comfort of Touch-free Operation Either workplace characteristics or required testing methodology may limit operator and his mobility (e.g. need for suit or gloves use). For such an instance, proximity sensors turn out to be an indispensable asset. They support touch-free balance operation thus allowing access to particular functions regardless of potential limitations. Each sensor may be assigned with any freely selected action, e.g. with weighing, tarring, opening or closing the draft shield. Purchase any 4Y model, each of them is equipped with proximity sensors....

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I Weighing Processes Control and Analysis Autotest Control Procedures Autotest GLP: Report GLP Autotest is a fully automatic control procedure. It has been designed to allow balance repeatability tests. The GLP Autotest applies an internal adjustment system for testing purposes and it is a perfect solution used in quality management systems (ISO, GMP, GLP, USP, ICH Q10, SOP). The GLP Autotest provides quick and objective feedback when it comes to operated balance quality. There is an option of generating control procedure report, which is permanently stored in balance memory and which...

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Autotest Filter Balance settings and diagnostics 4Y series balances offer vast range of settings optimization possibilities - with this the balance can be adjusted to any workplace. In order to ease setup of countless number of parameters, Autotest Filter function has been designed. The function is used to enable automatic test performance for all possible setup combinations, it provides you with information on weighing duration and repeatability. Upon completed procedure your balance displays results of carried out tests, allowing you to decide on optimal solution complying to your needs....

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Monitored Data Access and Protection Particular balance can be operated by numerous users whereas no risk of individual operator's data loss is taken, all this owing to customized permissions levels allowing access to specified functions. Four access levels offer unlimited monitoring options, especially when it comes to supervision over operators, and protection of especially sensitive data. Each access level is secured with an individual password. Alibi Memory Secure Synchronizing and Archiving Data 4Y series provide data transfer and copying option. Your data can be exchanged between any...

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Settings Customization as Working Evironment Optimization Tool The 4Y series offers balance customization option, with this, any balance can be adjusted to individual requirements of yours. The customization option allows you to match balance functionality to scope of tests you carry out. You and other operators likewise, can be assigned with an individual profile featuring language version, quick access keys, working modes settings, filters, printout types, etc. of your choice. Managing Data of IT Systems Your balance data can be managed on-line, this useful option is conditioned by remote...

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Reports and Printouts Weighing Balance type Level status Documentation on Weighing Processes Product Upon each completed weighing process, carried out using 4Y balance, you are provided with an automatically generated report which is next recorded into a database. As a user operating reports database you are allowed to carry out the following practical report-related operations: preview, printout, export, archiving and free setup. Date Time Balance ID User Level status Product Packaging Temperature during measurements 26.79 °C Humidity during measurements 24 % Pressure during measurements...

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