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Functionality POSSIBILITIES AND ADVANTAGES OF RADWAG CHECKWEIGHERS ADVANCED FUNCTIONALITY AND POSSIBILITIES FOR ENSURING MAXIMUM BENEFITS Radwag checkweighers have been designed to meet the highest demands of users. Not only do they ensure control and optimization of the production process but also minimise loss and provide significant cost reductions. The highest weighing precision and mass control Magnetoelectric weighing module · 0.01 g accuracy. · Electromagnetic module developed by Radwag. · Dedicated solutions for pharmaceutical industry. Belt conveyors Shorter operating time -...

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Vast range of functions • Data control and protection. • Customisation of the control type according to user demands. • 100% control of products. • Batching processes control via feedback. • Alibi storage. • Interfaces: Ethernet, Profibus, USB, Wi-Fi. • Multilingual, intuitive menu of the device. • Multi-product. Control process management: E2R system • Option of creating multi-workstation networks. • Keeping records of data stored in scales. • Exporting data to external systems. Production safety • HACCP - food industry attestation for direct contact with food products. • Protection of...

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Communication and maintenance SOFTWARE AND COMMUNICATION INTERFACE WIDE RANGE OF CONFIGURATION OPTIONS AND USER OPTIONS TOGETHER WITH THE SIMPLICITY OF MAINTENANCE Large touch screen and intuitive, user friendly menu ensure ease of operation and quick way of completing specific tasks. Interfaces: Ethernet Communication interfaces ports of DWM scales Ethernet · Full data exchange. · Sending weighing records, databases, scales settings; real-time monitoring of scales operation. · Communication realized both: via the communication protocol and at SQL Server database level. Communication...

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The main window of the program • Clear screen layout. • Various views of the displayed data, user-configurable. • Intuitive menu. • Process progress indicators. • Quick access to statistical data. • Report export and data export directly from the scales. The main weighing window with signalisation of the thresholds and statistics Operating modes • Various operating modes and systems of reporting: • statistical mode, • dynamic mode, • CPG control (conformable to Packaged Goods Regulation), • CPG control in accordance with custom criteria, • measurements registration. Configuration • Quick...

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Mechanical options • Central control system. • Conveyor systems adjusted to the user needs. • Design adapted to existing production lines. • Various lengths and width of the conveyors. • Stainless steel or powder coated mild steel design. • Optional equipment: metal detectors, barcode scanners, video cameras, extra display etc. • Ingress Protection rating - IP 65/67. Products separation systems • Air-blast rejecter. • Pneumatic pusher. • Diverting arm. • Drop belt rejecter. • Production line stop. Communication • USB mass storage devices. • Implemented communication protocol. • Cooperation...

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WARNING TOWER LIGHTS WITH SOUNDER AISI 304 OR AISI 316 STAINLESS STEEL HOUSING THE MAIN CIRCUIT BREAKER ANTI-DRAUGHT SHIELD OF THE WEIGHING BELT OUT-OF-TOLERANCE PRODUCTS REJECTER (AIR BLAST) Control and safety systems • Errors logging. • Product flow control. • Line productivity meter. • Emergency power off system. • Product rejection control. • Breakdown signalisation output. • Emergency stop input. • Bin overload sensor. • Downstream conveyor product jam sensor. • Product length sensor. • Products gap sensor. • Servo motor position control. Electrical options • Faulty products...

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Custom made designINTENDED FOR PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY DWM DYNAMIC SCALES WITH AN ELECTROMAGNETIC WEIGHING MODULE The highest standard of manufacturing. Unprecedented weighing speed and weighing accuracy! The scales are intended to control single loads of mass up to 7,5 kg. The scales are based on an industrial computer, and they are equipped with 12" colour touch screen. Electromagnetic module provides extremely fast and accurate mass measurement.    _ Electromagnetic    Air blast rejecter    Ports (Ethernet, weighing module    USB, RS 232) Specification Throughput: Weighing accuracy...

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DWT/HL DYNAMIC SCALES WITH STRAIN GAUGE TRANSDUCER The scales are intended for controlling single loads of mass up to 7,5 kg. The scales are based on the industrial computer, and they are equipped with 12" colour touch screen. Load cell is a lower cost alternative of an electromagnetic system. Strain gauge transducer Compressed Air Service Units Specification Throughput: Weighing accuracy [d]: Verification scale interval [e]: Weighing range: Weighing module: Screen: Operating system: Database system:: up to 180 items/minute 0.2 g 0.2 g max. 7500 g strain gauge 12” colour...

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Universal solutionsFOR WEIGHING PACKAGED PRODUCTS DWT/RC DYNAMIC SCALES INTENDED FOR LARGE-SIZED PRODUCTS The scales are intended for controlling loads of mass up to 60 kg.The scales are based on the industrial computer, and they are equipped with 12" colour touch screen. Checkweighers DWT/RC series are autonomous stations controlling mass of packages moving down the conveyor lines. Strain gauge    Pneumatic    Quick coupling allowing transducer    rejecter    easy detachment of conveyors Specification Throughput: Weighing accuracy [d]: Weighing range: Weighing module: Screen: Operating...

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