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Contents: Ultra-microbalances and Microbalances Pipettes Calibration Workstation Laboratory Balances USB Free Link Moisture Analyzers Mass Comparators Industrial Scales Weighing Terminals High Resolution Platforms Weighing Modules Prepackaged Good Control Checkweighers

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r/a\dw/a\g radwag balances and scales ADVANCED WEIGHING TECHNOLOGIES

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Ultra-microbalances and microbalances Micro Scale Measurement - Laboratory Applications

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I4Y series microbalances Extraordinary precision and comfort of operation for small mass measurement performed with the highest accuracy •    5,7” touch screen •    Interactive menu •    Wireless connection •    Conformity with regulations (GLP, GMP System) • Database (weighing records, samples, operators, reports) • Dynamic control sample weight (bargraph) • Statistics, SQC • Printouts, reports (PCL standard) • Multilingual menu • Interfaces: Ethernet (network applications), USB, RS 232, IN/OUT • Wide spectrum of use (industry, laboratories, universities, research and development centres)...

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Standard design of UYA 4Y Ultra-microbalance and MYA4Y Microbalance MYA 4Y.P Microbalance for pipettes calibration MYA 4Y.F1 Microbalance for weighing filters of large-diameter

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Quality built into the product Adjustment and an automatic cycle Accuracy of indication for MYA 4Y microbalances is guaranteed owing to automatic adjustment process. This process takes into account the dynamics of temperature variation and time flow. It is possible to generate a report upon each completed adjustment. Date Time Balance type Balance ID Operator Level status Difference Temperature Adjustment: Internal Result of each adjustment is recorded in microbalance memory, it can be previewed Printout or export of a report on adjustment

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Fast measurement for any sample System designed to control process of opening the draft shield provides instant access to the weighing pan. Determining weight of a particular sample takes just a few seconds. Conformity with USP Conventions General Chapters, Apparatus for Tests and Assays <41 ..BALANCES’^ General Information, <1251 ..WEIGHING ON AN ANALYTICAL BALANCE”? Applied design solutions provide the best possible micro scale measurement accuracy. MSW-dedicated software features programmable thresholds for low limit of a weighing range wherein variable tare loads can be used. Minimum...

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Micro and ultra-micro scale measurement When it comes to standard solutions, RADWAG offers series of microbalances (MYA 4Y) and ultra-microbalances (UYA 4Y) comprising devices varying in terms of max. capacity, readability and weighing pan size. Each balance features glass draft shield comprising automatically opened door. Filters weight measurement differential weighing Owing to special design of a weighing chamber, precise absorption level may be determined by means of filter weight measurement. F series balances and ultra-microbalances intended to weigh filters comprise specific weighing...

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I Automatic cycle optimization Autotest GLP automatic control of accuracy Auto-test function provides the user with possibility of manual confirmation of the performed measurements quality (record, export). Autotest GLP is a perfect solution used in quality management systems (ISO, GMP, GLRUSRICH Q10, SOP). -------Autotest GLP: Report-------- Balance type    MYA4Y User    Admin Software revision    LI .4.15 K Internal weight mass    17.673852 g Filter    Slow Value release    Reliable Autotest Filter automatically performed selection of working parameters Some weighing operations need...

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Unique user profiles with modifiable settings and access permissions provide flexibility of balance customization. Each profile comprises information, pre-set settings and a quick access shortcut dedicated for a particular operation. Number of operators and profiles is not limited. Complex databases are a distinctive feature of the 4Y series. The databases size is dynamically shared within 32 GB memory. 4Y balances offer unlimited databases management options, plus they enable record of advanced reports and graphs carried out for series of weighings. Option of databases import and export...

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RadwagConnect cooperation with portable devices Manual abilities of an operator may be limited by characteristics of a workplace or by a required testing methodology (suit, gloves etc.). Owing to proximity sensors, microbalances and ultra-microbalances may be operated hands-free regardless of the said limitations. RadwagConnect software enables communication between any 4Y series balance and a portable user-owned device. The software allows online transfer of various information, recorded by a balance, to any device featuring iOS or Android system. The communication is established via...

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When there is a need for one balance to be operated by several users, the option of customizing access rights for particular functions may turn out to be indispensable. Four access levels ensure many possibilities of supervision over users and provide important data protection (e.g. formulas). Numerous operations such as defining language of the menu, selecting a desired working mode or personalizing main screen layout may be limited according to the access level, with respective password protection. 4Y series balances feature secure partition for data storing where all weighment...

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