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R Series Balances Innovative Technology - Even More Possibilities

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R series balances Examine the enhanced possibilities of the innovative high-tech R series balances when it comes to balance operation and presentation of measurement results. R series balances represent the standard level of precision balances. The series has been equipped with an easily readable LCD display providing you with even clearer result presentation. To maximize comfort of operation, the display has been enriched with an extra text line supplying you with either information or prompts on the weighing process (product name, tare value, etc.). A pioneering innovation of R series...

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Maximum capacity [Max]: Readability [d]: Weighing pan dimensions: Maximum capacity [Max]: Readability [d]: Weighing pan dimensions: Maximum capacity [Max]: Readability [d]: Weighing pan dimensions: Maximum capacity [Max]: Readability [d]: Weighing pan dimensions:

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Quality and precision Auto-Cal automatic system of adjustment procedure Auto-Cal system is a tool for control and correction. It provides accurate weighing regardless of temperature variation, the position of the balance or changing environmental conditions. This allows the R series balances to offer accuracy in all conditions. The monolithic system ensures even greater accuracy and repeatability of weighing due to consolidation of elements of the balance’s mechanical design. Using such technology results in higher quality balances. An in-built adjustment weight offers weighing accuracy in...

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Operating temperature range Now, owing to a wider working temperature range, you don’t have to monitor and adjust the room temperature, affecting your balance stability, over and over again. Resistance to ambient conditions Increased resistance to fluctuating ambient conditions such as breezes and changes in humidity provides more accurate measurements. Ambient conditions monitoring Stable ambient temperature is a key factor when it comes to accuracy of balance indications. The R series balances feature an ergonomic diagnostic tool, namely, automatic monitoring of your balance temperature....

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Functionality and ergonomics Direct access to information Communication interface Direct access to functions and databases is possible through the quick access buttons on the display. The exchange of database information between the devices has become even easier thanks to two USB ports (type A and B) and Wireless Module technology. Database - direct access to database, Function - direct access to basic functions, F1 to F4 - programmable function buttons and menu navigation. Databases ergonomics for your weighing process An extra text line An extra text line provides you with either...

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Weighing process visualization Symbols and units The R series offers a priceless set of intuitive symbols signalling current working mode, computer connection type, battery status, function that is in operation and much more. The symbols add to readout clarity, they provide maximum comfort of operation and increase of ergonomics. These symbols are not only helpful but offer a wider choice of units. Bar Graph visual representation of load capacity The bar graph indicates the load capacity change in real time. The bar graph can be operated for various working modes with threshold markers,...

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Databases security Data protection ALIBI memory Access to the secured sensitive data is only possible when logged in. The access rights for each operator are set up at the administrator level. ALIBI memory is non-deletable storage, protecting weighing data It has the capacity of up to 100 000 weighing records. This ensures both, security and flexibility of storing data over longer periods of time. Export of data recorded in balance Alibi memory Archiving and data exchange Save your data and transfer reports on performed processes and partial measurements to external devices via USB...

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In the new R series balances the weighing reports are divided into 3    R series balances offer the possibility of sending printouts directly configurablesections.eachofwhichcanbefullycustomized.    to R-Lab and RAD-KEY PC Software. The measurements can be transferred via Wireless Connection, RS232 or USB interface. Decide which one suits your needs the best and go. Working mode Date Time Balance type Balance ID Product User    Tom Smith - Calibration Report - Calibration type User Project Date Time Balance ID Calibration difference Configuration Cl? Connect & Transmit ion 2 Events P Block...

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AS R2    PS R1    PS R2 Maximum capacity [Max]    60 g - 310 g    110 g - 6000 g    200 g - 10100 g Readability [d] Weighing pan dimensions Stabilization time Display Communication Interfaces internal (automatic)    external    internal (automatic) LCD (backlit)    LCD (backlit)    LCD (backlit) 2 X RS 232, USB-A, USB-B, 2 x RS 232, USB-A, USB-B, 2 x RS 232, USB-A, USB-B, Wireless Connection (option) Wireless Connection (option) Wireless Connection (option) Optional equipment • Barcode readers, • PLC printers, • USB keyboards, • Rack for under-pan weighing, • Anti-vibration table, •...

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Moisture readout accuracy    0,0001 % - 0,001 % Drying temperature range Heating module max 160°C (option: max 250°C) IR emitter, halogen (option), metal heater (option) 2 x RS 232, USB-A, USB-B, Wireless Connection (option) Communication Interfaces Functions and technical specification of device are subject to change without prior notice PC Software • PW Win: Scales preview, weighing graphs and statistics graphs • Database Editor: Readout, databases editing and record of computer stored databases on balance • RAD Key: Balance data readout carried out by means of Hot Key

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