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LABORATORY APPLICATIONS Only series of measurements analysis can provide information on the measurement result accuracy. Automaton of this process by means of Auto-SQC, like in Radwag balances, guarantees quick reaction. It is especially crucial for these laboratories that work in feedback kind of cooperation with production departments. Analysis of plethora of information is not a problematic issue whenever ergonomic solutions offered by Radwag are in use. Being aware of the multiple possibilities of usage, Radwag applications consist of two modules of Statistics. These modules are different in terms of functional capabilities. The first one enables statistical operation performance on freely selected data. Statistical operation provides the user with information on sum, mean value, Min and Max value, range, standard deviation and variance. This module is characteristic for offering the possibility of adding new measurements to an already performed series of measurements (OPEN formula). The second module, called SQC, i.e. Statistical Quality Control, is intended for mass control of a sample, wherein the weighment tolerance has been specified. The particular process may be defined clearly by a batch number and by a quantity of measurements performed per series. The module’s characteristic feature is the lack of possibility to add new measurements to an already performed series (CLOSE formula) Considerable advantage of this module is presentation of sample weight by means of graph (SQC-GRAPH). The visual presentation is an invaluable asset for the process of sampling.

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LABORATORY APPLICATIONS 4Y Series Statistics Statistics module offers possibility of quick analysis of data regardless of rigors driven by tolerance. Net weight measurement may be performed with different tare settings (single, sum of all, autotare etc.) Chart of Probability Distribution for a series initial filtration of measuring data Initial filtration is possible, when for a product selected from a database which is to be analyzed, the percent tolerance has been specified in relation to reference mass. In addition to that, the result control function has to be activated. Through such...

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LABORATORY APPLICATIONS 3Y Series Statistical Quality Control Statistics module SQC is an ingenious device for control of various samples’ weight. The tests may be performed either within production (critical limits and warning limits) or in-course of other monitoring processes. All data is permanently saved to balance memory thus allowing for its potential verification (compliance with legal acts, branch regulations, etc.) Ergonomics, personalization The user has three touch panels at his disposal allowing him to freely configure measuring procedures, e.g. number of measurements, names,...

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LABORATORY APPLICATIONS 3Y Series Statistical Quality Control Statistics module SQC is an ingenious device for control of various samples’ weight. The tests may be performed either within production (critical limits and warning limits) or in-course of other monitoring processes. record Information on the monitoring process allows to verify data at any moment. This guarantees compliance with quality systems such as ISO, GLP, GMP, HACCP, etc. operator product batch quantity average standard deviation Min Max T2 (-) errors quantity T1 (-) errors quantity T1 (+) errors quantity T2 (+) errors...

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LABORATORY APPLICATIONS 3Y Series Statistical Quality Control Statistics module SQC is an ingenious device for control of various samples’ weight. The tests may be performed either within production (critical limits and warning limits) or in-course of other monitoring processes. archiving Export of information guarantees data safety and possibility to analyze the data by means of other computer systems. Regular printout means quick assessment of a particular series in terms of tolerance and specified thresholds (T1/T2). Operator Product Start date End date Batch number Batch...

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LABORATORY APPLICATIONS .3Y Series automatic cycle measurement Automatic cycle measurement requires cooperation of at least two devices. The first one is PA-04 /H automatic feeder which forms an ordered set out of a particular number of randomly arranged elements. Thus prepared sample’s elements are separately transferred one by one by means of a chute to a weighing pan. The second device is balance which measures the elements and records their mass. These two devices work in feedback kind of cooperation for which the vibration level may be adjusted. special solutions AS 220.3Y balance SQC...

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LABORATORY APPLICATIONS 3Y Series automatic cycle measurement All statistical operations related to a tested sample are performed by SQC MODULE. This makes the statistical control workstation a mobile one and therefore it can be located in various production or control areas. EXPORT option of .3Y series balances allows sending demanded data concerning tested sample to a superior computer system. Operator Product Start date End date Batch number Reference quantity Nominal mass T2- threshold Tl- threshold T1+ threshold T2+ threshold -------------Mass control------------- Report...

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LABORATORY APPLICATIONS R2 Series Statistics The R2 series balance is a reliable device which meets requirements of any laboratory. It features an LCD display with a new text information line, 14-button keypad and automatic adjustment system. Statistics function is one of many applications to which the user gets access via the user menu. The function is supported with information contained within databases such as Users Database, Products Database, Packagings Database (tares). Statistics report consists of 3 defined areas, header, footer and measurements area where statistical results are...

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