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interbio m ASSOCIATION COAGULATION - COAGULACION - 2 B Versatile coagulometer controlled by microprocessor with turbodensidomctric detection of the beginning of the Clot formation (fibrin polymerization). The clot detection is carried out in positive O.D. variations or even in negative ones in high level fibrino-genemia. It is very easy to use and can store up to 10 methods in memory. Performance of all commonly used tests like Quick test (PT). APTT, Fibrinogen. TT. ATIII, factor assays, etc. with a high level of precision and repeatability. Coagulometre tres pratique, controle par microprocesseur, et muni d'un systeme turbodensitometrique de detection du depart de la formation du caillot sanguin (polymerisation de la fibrine). La detection du caillot se fait par variations positives de la densite optique (D.O.) mais aussi par variations negatives dans les fibrinogenemies elevees. L’appareil est tres facile a utiliser grace a qu’il peut garder jusqu’a 10 methodes. La realisation des tests tels que le test de Quick (PT), APTT, Fibrinogene, TT, ATIII, etudes de facteurs, etc..., est aisee et offre un haut niveau de precision et de r6p6titivite. Coagulometro muy versatil controlado por microprocesador con sistema turbodensitometrico de deteccion del inicio de formacidn del codgulo (polimerizacion de la fibrina). La deteccion del coagulo se efectua tanto para variaciones positivas de la D.O. como negativas en fibrinogenemias acentuadas. Puede mantener en memoria hasta 10 tecnicas diferentes y su uso es muy sencillo. Pruebas como el test de Quick (PT), APTT. Fibrinogeno, TT, ATIII, estudio de facto res, etc., se ejecutan facilmente con un alto grado de precision y repetibilidad. ' Av. Mare de Deu de Montserrat, 51 08970 SANT JOAN DESPi • Barcelona - Spain Tel. (34) 93 480 80 47 • Fax (34) 93 373 00 92 e-mail: / web:

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- 2 B TWO CHANNELS COAGULOMETER The detection lamp intensity is automatically adjusted on each channel after addition of the initial reagent on the measuring cell. Consequently the baseline is adjusted as well. Automatic Clot detection is carried out in a homogeneous mixed medium by means of a system that does not interfere with the normal clot formation and avoids possible sedimentation phenomena of activating reagents during the test, with the turbodetection concentrated in the central axis of the cuvette. All results arc displayed and automatically printed out on continuous paper,...

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