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Media Preparators AE-MP streamlines the operative workflow for microbiology and plant tissue culture laboratories. In one single device it is integrated the preparation, sterilization and dispensation of high quality culture media with outstanding batch to batch reproducibility. AE-MP autoclaves are designed to reduce total run time and deliver high volumes of sterile culture media thanks to its efficient heating system and fast cooling phase at the end of the sterilization process. STERILIZATION DISPENSATION Cleaning of vessel and dispensing lines Accurate dispensation F0 value...

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Media preparators - 3

PLANT TISSUE CULTURE LABORATORIES Increase efficiency of microbiology and plant tissue culture laboratories Accurate control of sterilization with flexible heart probe Dispensed with an integrated peristaltic pump Cleaning throughout the length of the dosing line with steam pulses Automatic water level control and optional automatic water feeding Precise dosing of control media with delay time Management of sterilization with F0 value or temperature and time settings Included: Heart probe Peristaltic pump 3 dosing tubes F0 VALUE The sterilization is managed by means of a flexible heart...

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Media preparators - 4

DW-MP IT/TS Culture media dispenser Integrated printer TABLE-MP Stainless steel table TUB-DOSIF Dosing tubes with nozzle: 3,2 - 4 - 4,8 - 6,4 - 8 mm CAB-2 Additional peristaltic pump head SW8000 External software for data visualization and report with results KLL-MP Set automatic filling Dispensing capacity chart AE-20 MP Dispensing system 0 Tube (mm) 4 SINGLE PERISTLATIC PUMP 7“ 4 DOUBLE PERISTLATIC PUMP “_ Optional system RAYPA AE-MP SERIES 4

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Media preparators - 5

TECHNICAL DATA Features AE-20MP1AE-40 MPAE-60 IMF3AE-80 IMF3AE-100 MP Chamber dimensions 0 x H 320 x 350 mm 320 x 500 mm 320 x 700 mm 420 x 500 mm 420 x 700 mm Chamber Volume total / usable 24/18 L 43/37 L 63/57 L 90/78 L 109/97 L Specifications Sterilization temperature Dispensation temperature Sterilization Time Heat up time Cooling time Cooling system Regulations Dispensation system Stirrer Maximum pressure Sterilization control system Purge system Construction Lid gasket External data transfer 50 - 125 °C 25 - 80 °C 1 - 250 min 20 - 40 min 5 - 40 min Cooling coil Integrated single...

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