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RaySafe DXR+ An easy tool for X-ray/Light field alignment

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RaySafe DXR+ The RaySafe DXR+, a Direct X-ray Ruler, represents the latest in today’s technology for alignment of the light and radiation field. (Traditionally screenfilm cassettes have been used for X-ray and light field alignment measurements. The digitalization of X-ray imaging makes this method obsolete as cassettes and film processors are often unavailable.) It is the ideal solution for performing most accurate measurements for radiography and mammography. Actual size An easy-to-use instrument Quick checks The RaySafe DXR+ is an easy-to-use instrument and the ideal solution for...

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1. POSITION THE RAYSAFE DXR+ Position the ? ► -symbol within the light field. Align the center line with the light field edge. Light field The light field edge is aligned with the yellow center line. Expose the RaySafe DXR+ to X-ray or light. X-ray field Light field The X-ray field is 1.2 cm (0.5 in) inside of the lightfield. Read any X-ray or light field deviation in the RaySafe DXR+ display.

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RECOMMENDED GENERATOR SETTINGS SEGMENT SENSORS/ SEGMENT RESOLUTION FUNCTION TEST BATTERY LIFE TIME OPERATING TEMPERATURE STORAGE TEMPERATURE 41 solid state sensors and All segments should turn on when the RaySafe DXR+ is fully Automatic when exposed Automatic after 1 min of inactivity No added tube filtration All specifications may change without notice. Unfors Instruments has changed its name to Unfors RaySafe

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